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Visualize And Believe.

Submitted by: Firm believer


I have found The Secret!


I read about the LOA and I had even done a meditation class where they taught me about visualization. But what I did not know was that visualization is a powerful way to attract what you want. So just last year I thought about testing the LOA and I visualized a chocolate wrapped in a shiny red cover. When I visualized it, I tasted the chocolate and I told myself that this is the tastiest chocolate I had ever tasted. I thanked the Universe and then I completely forgot about it.

After a few weeks someone knocked at our door and my husband answered. I was in my room and suddenly my husband comes in with a red, shiny box of chocolates! He told me we have a new neighbor and she brought us this gift. I did not remember about my visualization right then. It was only after I ate the chocolate and thought to myself ‘Wow this is the tastiest chocolate I have ever tasted’ that I remembered, it suddenly dawned on me and I was so stunned! It was exactly what I asked for! I cried in gratitude.

I want to make it simple for everyone reading this. When you visualize something, just see it clearly in your mind, then feel the emotions. Also think how it would feel in your hands or what sound it would make, etc. And a very important step is to set it and forget about it. When you keep thinking about whether it will come or not, it does not appear as easily. But when you ask and trust the Universe and tell yourself that you did all I could, now it’s the job of the Universe and you stop thinking about it, that is when it will come to you.

Of course I want to thank Rhonda Byrne for her immense contribution to the world by sharing The Secret and explaining it so simply. The Universe chose Rhonda Byrne to send us the message and she did a brilliant job!

Thank you thank you thank you!

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