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  • Submitted by: Mrs Ixora
  • Date Posted: Aug 10, 2015
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Vision Board Works Magically!

Mrs Ixora

Los Angeles

A girl who lives her life to the fullest everyday :) Be awesome!

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Vision Board Works Magically!

Firstly, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Ms Rhonda and her team. The delivery of The Secret was beyond great and so powerful for those who know about it.

I am just an ordinary girl who lives in a small city. Nothing extraordinary but my imagination.

Like others, I also have my own wishlists which include a dream job, dream life, dream love and a lot of things that I desired so much.

After being introduce to The Secret the first thing that I did was create my own vision board which I pasted everything that I wanted in major aspects of my life. I was so excited doing it. Every time I looked at my vision board, I would be immersed in the feeling of already having each one of the things and said “Thank you”.

Even I have my ups and downs because sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve those things. So what I did was start to affirm myself that the thing is on it’s way, repeatedly. I would look at the vision board and totally focus on what I wanted and begin again to feel excited about it. I do not know how it would happen, but I started to hold the faith that my dreams will surely come true and what is the MAJOR thing right now is to BELIEVE.

Secondly, every day I would write about everything that I feel grateful about; my life, my parents , my best friend, my love and for each of the things that I own.
I become amazed with what happened in my life through out the practices. The happiness, the joy, and the love I have in my life expands tremendously.

Right now, after about 1 year of creating the vision board, I realized something. Most of the things that I had been on my original list have become true!!! 99% of my dreams have turn themselves into reality. My life is what I asked for.

I have my dream clothes, my dream car, my dream home, my lovely lover who is also my soulmate and my dream job. It is so amazing and wonderful. I was so grateful because I just realized this! My tears dropped the moment I thought about it.

The Universe is so friendly and lovely but it depends on your expectations, so I only expect the best. And I believe the rest of my dreams are on the way now. I am excited to know that it is my reality.

Every one of us deserves to get the best because we have unlimited potential and abilities. Trust the Universe and you will be amazed!

Thank you. thank you. thank you! Thank you Ms Rhonda Byrne and the team. Thank you dear readers for reading my humble story. 🙂

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