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  • Date Posted: Mar 18, 2017
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The Universe Found The Perfect Weight Loss Solution For Me.


Toronto, Canada

A 20 year old female university student.

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The Universe Found The Perfect Weight Loss Solution For Me.

I am a 20 year old female university student. I have read The Secret many, many times. I have most of the tips memorized so I started applying them to lose some weight.

I have always been “almost” my perfect weight. I always just needed to lose 10 to 20 lbs. That’s not much. I felt like my body was “decent” instead of “fantastic”. A multitude of factors motivated me to try to lose weight. My boyfriend likes skinny girls. I feel fat every time I go clothes shopping. My sister is super skinny and I look fat in comparison. These reasons annoyed me, and as I started feeling bad about my weight, it only got worse. I recalled the exact quote from Rhonda Byrne, “The more beefing up I noticed, the more beefing up I attracted”.

So I applied The Secret by taking action, which can speak louder than just a quick thought. While I was shopping for an expensive suit, I purchased a smaller size. My work term job does not start until 5 more months, and by then, I plan on being skinnier. I also bought other office clothes that are currently too small for me. 

Over the holidays, I tried to exercise. I went to the gym twice. I rode my bike a couple of times. Nothing really substantial though and my weight only decreased by a few pounds.

But I remained positive. I slowly ran my hands over my waist, and felt good about my body. I imagined a perfect waistline. I was never good at visualization before, but this time I got better and it really worked!!! I also ran my hands across my face while closing my eyes and imagined me having my perfect skin.

And now the Universe has responded. In my new university dorm room, the previous tenant left a tall cabinet behind. And within a few hours of moving in, I discovered that the cabinet is the perfect height and size to be a Standing Desk!!! There is also a power outlet right next to it to charge my laptop and phone while I study. And according to a quick Google search, standing desks are a great way to lose weight and to improve posture and concentration!

I am grateful for my surprise gift of a standing desk that is helping me lose weight without even exercising. My improved concentration is also greatly appreciated, since improving my marks is one of my biggest challenges right now. I am getting two things done at once.

So, thank you to the Universe, Rhonda, The Secret team and you guys for posting your inspiring stories.

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