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Unanswered Prayers.

Submitted by: Lori Caprelli

Detroit, MI

Born and raised in the metro Detroit area of Clarkston, MI, my grandmother sacrificed her freedom to raise both my older sister and I after our mother's passing. I always looked up to my aunt and had dreams of becoming a nurse. Tough times brought challenges but I have always been an independent learner and from the age of 15 have paid my own bills and made my own way. No one told me to go to college, instead, I chose it because of a burning desire to live a fulfilling life.


How do I even begin?! First let me say that it took me a long time to write this. My success story began a long time ago but as a lot of things in life I have recently experienced, a new awakening and have been called back to the ways of The Secret to continue my successful path. Let’s just start in the middle.

I knew the phone call was coming and I knew there would be nothing they could say to make me feel not hopeless. As I sat in the parking lot in downtown Scottsdale, the street lamps blared in my eyes as I closed them and wished to be anywhere but where I was. It was a daunting, dooming feeling you just want to run and hide from. My boyfriend at the time sat next to me but it didn’t make any difference, the hopelessness just continued to overtake me. I breathed two long deep breaths and hit answer with a hesitant “hello”. The next three words that came I would of done anything to not hear; “you didn’t pass”. After all of this time, countless hours sitting inside studying, money that didn’t matter, and waiting two years on a waitlist just all seemed to be put into a garbage bag and thrown into a black hole right in front of me. Nursing school was all that I had to hold onto. It was all I had put my time into and worked so very hard for. No matter what happened in my life I always put it first before anything but it seemed to be the one thing I could not accomplish.

Four years prior to entering the nursing program at Scottsdale college, I had moved from my hometown at just 18 years of age across the country to live in Arizona with my boyfriend. Although it was the best experience of my life being in a new place, the schooling seemed to be a constant struggle and I felt alone and helpless. I always worked hard, stayed away from anything that would bring me down and was self-motivated. One thing I had to learn is just because you are a good person and put effort in does not always mean you are going to get the results you want. The Universe will give you what is intended  through energies. You will see in a positive light what I mean by this at the end!

Lets fast forward a bit. I moved back to Detroit and decided to conquer nursing school again. The burning desire within me burned so deeply that I knew I had to become a nurse and that was what my soul wanted. Moving back wasn’t so easy. I had several bills and stayed with my grandmother who raised me. Despite my struggles I still had only myself to depend on paying my grandma rent right on time and working 3 jobs only to barely pay all of my bills. Finally months went by and I went back to school. I decided on Baker college a very fast paced competitive program, and thank the Universe I did!!! So how did I get introduced to The Secret? Let me tell you.

One night I went over to my best friend’s and her boyfriend’s place. They told me all about this show on Netflix called The Secret. I said I was interested and I would love to watch it. It really spoke to me. I never read the book and am not much of a reader but the documentary really took to me and my life was never the same after that night, I will never forget it. I started watching the show over and over again and each time I learned something new from it. In fact, I still put it on sometimes and I swear every time I watch it I learn something new, the learning never ends. I made a secret inspiration board and put nursing students on it, nurses, houses I liked, cars, etc. Whatever I wanted to achieve went on my board. I started listening to talks by people like Bob Proctor. I did that on my way into work each morning to keep feeding my subconscious mind to change my ways. No matter what happened, I stayed strong.

I failed one of my classes that I needed to get into the program. I didn’t quit though and instead signed up for it again and said everything will be okay. Guess what? It was okay! I passed with an A the next time around and all of my grades were A’s in fact. I was one of only 23 students out of 180 students who had applied that got in! It was such a good feeling to finally be in.

I had accomplished part of what I wanted. I used The Secret frame of mind to get me through the program. I was one of the most positive people in my program and even now when I look back I have really good memories of it. I did so good I got a job straight out of school on a neuroscience floor at Henry Ford Hospital!

Speaking of neurosciences, a year prior to getting that job I was reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I wrote down things I wanted specifically and placed the paper in the book. A couple of years later, my husband who I met in nursing school, and I were moving, and the paper fell out of the book. I looked and it said I wanted to become a travel nurse and I wanted to make a discovery in the neurosciences.

I was in shock! I could not believe that not only was I packing to take my first travel nurse assignment but that I had got hired and had accomplished so much on a neuroscience floor! How could that be?! That is when it was reconfirmed for me since I already knew that The Secret truly does work.

Not only that, but I met my husband in nursing school who wanted to do travel nursing just like I did, and his mom was a successful entrepreneur in California who follows The Secret as well! I really believe the Universe lead me to them as well as through my efforts and energy. My husband and I did so much traveling together just in nursing school, and I had some of the best experiences of my life. Three years later here we are in California and married!

My advice to anyone is to be patient and don’t focus so much on a timeline. In the position I was facing, if I would have focused on the time it takes, it would of seemed like forever and nearly impossible. Instead I had the attitude of leaving it to the Universe and God’s hands. Even if it kills me I will die trying, and believe me I was willing to. The only thing that you can feel that way about is something you truly have a burning desire about. Find that desire and The Secret can guide you the rest of the way.

Although I have accomplished a lot I still like to think of myself as a ‘baby secret follower’ as this is just the very beginning. I have followed The Secret for a few years now but I have not met up in groups before and shared it with other people. I cannot wait to connect. Big things are coming in my future all because I have chosen to continue to live a positive life and follow The Secret ‘s model. There are still things I have to work on and I hope by reaching out to other secret followers and shooting for my goals I can overcome those things. My husband and I would like to continue travel nursing and start a nursing home business. I look forward to writing my next success story on here and sharing it with all of you! There are so many many things I can’t wait to do. Until next time,

Lori Caprelli

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