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True Love.

Submitted by: Aliana


Keep the faith.


Thank you for this wonderful site and for all the amazing stories. They are so inspiring! Whenever I feel sad, I visit this site and read a couple of stories and I always feel better.

When I was 26, my life was in chaos. I had recently gone through a major break up and was heartbroken. I had moved to a new city for a job I ended up hating and had just finished university and moved away from all of the friends. I was lost.

Somehow I came across The Secret. Actually someone had told me about it in passing. I read it and started practicing the teachings of gratitude and visualization, slowly at first but then more rapidly, my life healed and became amazing. I manifested a move to my favourite city and a new job as well as a relationship with a great guy. I even eventually made new friends.

Over the next few years, I manifested even more amazing things. But eventually I stopped practicing daily as I dealt with some difficult circumstances. I began to wallow and feel sad and sorry for myself.

My life and my happiness came to a real halt two years ago when the man I was with told me he wanted to be with someone else. I was devastated! I was so in love with him and thought we were destined to be together. So I tried hard to get into a positive frame of mind and attract him back, but I was so sad that I couldn’t get happy again.

Eventually, after many tears and much confusion, I finally was able to let him go. When I stopped wanting to be with him and stopped letting my mind be dominated by sad and hurt thoughts, my life improved again dramatically. It was hard at first, but with practice it became easier and easier.

Well after I got in a good head space, I said in my mind, farewell and I forgive you to my ex. I was just over it. I suddenly just did not care anymore.

And with the newfound freedom, happiness and joy I was experiencing, I was able to attract and an even better life. That included a new and fabulous dream job with a great salary, I am not exaggerating! I also attracted a windfall of money that I was able to use to buy a house. My family and friends were all happy and healthy. And quite extraordinarily, I met the most amazing man, my soulmate and the man of my dreams. He seems to just adore me! It is the most amazing feeling and it made me realize instantly when I met him why it had not worked out with my ex. As much as I had wanted him to be at the time, he just was not the man for me.

It is really and truly the most amazing experience and sometimes it still doesn’t even feel real. To anyone out there who is struggling over love right now, please try to let go and relax and know that the Universe has something better in store for you. Know it in your heart and watch it come about!

Now I honestly have everything I have ever wanted, including the man of my dreams to be with. I feel truly blessed. Thank you so much to the Universe whom I love and to all of you. Practice!

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