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To Those In On Again-Off Again Relationships, Success With A Twist!

Submitted by: The Much Loved One


In love with life and everything it brings to me. A strong believer in The Power and The Secret. They have brought me many amazing things. Self-love, self-care, and trust became my most powerful weapon.


Since there aren’t many stories about those so-called “on-again, off-again relationships”, I have decided to share my own. The ending isn’t what you’re probably hoping for, it’s even better! I promise.

We were together for three years. The last year of our relationship was a complete disaster. He broke up with me 4 times and never really understand why himself. He loved me but just couldn’t commit. He never cheated, he never hurt me deliberately, but his moments of insecurity broke my heart many times. As soon as he would regret it, he’d come back. It would last until the next major stress in his life, just about when I would start trusting him again, and boom! He’d leave again.

A few months ago I read “The Magic”. At one point, it said that if you give love to someone or everyone, they give love to others, others spread that love further and in the end, all that love comes back to you, from all those people who were part of that “love chain”. This touched me deeply and I decided to voluntarily help those who fight depression, stress, anxiety and who suffer from broken hearts as well.

About a month into it and after 6 months of our “renewed” relationship, my ex broke up with me yet again. Interestingly, I didn’t feel anything. I felt disappointed for a moment, but I didn’t cry, didn’t feel sadness at all. I would catch myself believing “Oh he’ll come back, this time for real. I have the power to attract that now”. I truly believed those thoughts and it worked. Like magic.

But here’s the thing: during my volunteering, I met an awesome guy and in no time we clicked. He was everything I was ever dreaming about, everything about him was just about perfect! So eventually, I shifted my beliefs towards a relationship with him instead of my ex.

A few days ago, after being single for a month, my ex came back, desperately begging me to forgive him. He even proposed, put all his effort into it. He truly became someone else, although nothing special happened in his life to trigger that change. He really was a different man, everything I had hoped for from the very first breakup. He was suddenly the way I had wished him to be for far too long. Believe me, I’m not delusional here. He’s still begging to be with me, to marry me, for forgiveness.

I, on the other hand, started a new relationship with the guy I met. It’s almost as if I never really knew what love really was. I thought I loved my ex to the core, but no. This new guy is… He is everything a girl could wish for. He treats me how I never could have imagined a guy would treat his girl.

So I told my ex that I am glad he’s finally changed and that he should give up on me and try to be a better person for the next special girl in his life. I’m still spreading my love, my thoughts, the thoughts I adopted from The Secret and The Magic.

The Universe is amazing. Smile when it’s hard! “Fake it till you make it” is somewhat good advice. I got what I wanted. I got more than I wanted, just by having faith and love in my heart. So, if you’re in distress, smile and tell yourself “I am attracting right now”. It works. Like “Magic”.

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