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To be home again…

Submitted by: Heather B

Chilliwack, BC

I'm 23. I work as a International Travel Consultant. A job I love doing.


I was living in Toronto up until 2 and a half months ago. I had been living there for just over 2 and a half years. I had broken up with my boyfriend of four years in April and had known since we first moved our lives to Toronto that I would eventually move back to British Columbia.. How, though, I had no idea.

So, about a month or so after I broke up with my boyfriend I was browsing the shelves of a well-known book store and saw ‘The Secret’. I had never heard of it before as I didn’t have cable, rarely read the newspaper, and lived a pretty simple life. I read the back of the book and decided that this was definitely the type of book that seemed like it had something to offer.

As soon as I finished the book I realized that I had been living my life as though I was in a cloud. I was so negative, and this booked helped me realize that I had been bringing about the very things that I didn’t want to happen to me. It was amazing but, still, I could not think of anything really big and amazing that had happened that I could say was connected with ‘The Secret’.

I finally decided in July that I wanted to move back home. At first I did not know how or what I could do to make this move happen, as I was not making a lot of money and was living pay-cheque to pay-cheque, so how was I to save for a move across the country? It took me some time to realize all I had to do was apply ‘The Secret’.

I gave my three month notice to work. I kept in mind and envisioned being home with my friends and family. I saw myself getting off the plane and seeing the mountains again and breathing the fresh air. I was really excited. I believed I was going home, I didn’t know how, but I knew by October 1st I was going to be home.

A month went by and work still had not worked on a transfer for me. So I took matters in my own hands. Within one day I had a transfer arranged… but still no plans for the actual move. During this time the building I lived in was in the process of being sold. I still had not given my rent cheque for the month of August. The building was sold and my rent for that month was forgotten about.

I was able to buy my flight, ship my stuff across the country, and still have my bills paid for my move with the money that was forgotten about.

I truly believe in ‘The Secret’. Without it I would never have had my life back. I did not know how I would make the journey, I just knew that I was going to be back home. ‘The Secret’ works and I am so happy it fell into my hands that fateful day at the bookstore.

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