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I Have A Story To Share And Thank You!

Submitted by: Monique P

Jacksonville FL

Single mom of 2 awesome little girls, survivor of domestic violence. Turning my life around every day!


I am a 47 year old mom of 2 wonderful little girls. I am currently going through a horrible divorce. Married 15 years to a man who was a emotionally and physically abusive person. In the spring of 2014 I planned to move with him to his country in North Africa. My 2 girls then aged 4 and 8 were sent ahead and left to stay with his mother and family. Everything I owned was put on a container ship and sent on the ocean. My husband then left in the fall to settle our affairs and to make our home abroad. In the spring of 2015 when I planned to reunite with my family, my husband called and said it was “not safe” for me to come. My heart dropped to my feet, I lost contact with my children and a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach told me I was never going to see my children again.

I was slipping into a horrible depression, losing my children was too much. Having trouble sleeping I turned on Netflix and my finger slipped when picking out a movie and up starts “The Secret”. I laid back down and started to watch. After I watched your story something happened way down in the back of my mind. Little by little I started to use the theories that were shown in the movie. Instead of concentrating on what I didn’t have I started to say, ” I believe that I will get my children back by.. “. I started to say this over and over. This happened in May and believe it, on July 2nd to be exact, my children fell from the sky.

When my children returned they had been horribly abused. My 4 year old sexually molested by my brother-in-law, also had cigarette burns all over her face and body. My oldest was mad, sullen and withdrawn and had been beaten constantly trying to protect her older sister. They were left alone in a foreign culture that was going through a political upheaval, kept from speaking to me and told lies. They were emotionally scarred. They were scared to go into rooms by themselves, scared to let people around them. They checked on me 10 times a night to make sure I was there. I would take them to a children’s arcade pizza place and they would hide under the table. They could not make friends. It was just a horrible horrible nightmare. I slipped back into negative thinking and sure enough I lost everything. Evicted from my apartment, staying in a hotel with angry kids. I was an angry mom and I lost my job. My family and friends deserted me. Isolated and alone. Wow! Feeling abandoned and lost but now with my 2 children with me as if that was not testament enough that “The Secret” worked, I went into denial for a year. I was angry, mad and bitter and my life spiraled downwards.

My husband came back into the country and the whirlwind started again. This time I finally had a job but lost it again. Every other day my husband would go to the school trying to check my daughters out of school and upsetting everyone. I had to leave work every other day to deal with it and my employer basically told me I had too many issues with having to leave work, so I was fired. After successfully hiding out from my husband for 10 months he found out where I lived and broke in recently and destroyed what little we had gained back, damaged my car, TV’s and cell phones. This while everything I had owned sat in a house that I helped buy, in a country I had never sat foot in. The worst part of all was that my daughters saw everything. I had turned into a raging monster but I thought my anger was justified. Boy was I wrong!

My attitude and way of thinking only made things worse. In a moment of clarity I had a thought. What did I do to get my girls back. I had scraped the bottom of the damn barrel. If it did it to get my children back, certainly it would help me now. I started watching ” The Secret” again after my girls went to bed. I started keeping a journal of things that I was grateful about and believe it or not, things started to happen. Quickly!

I was served a non renewal on my condo on August 1st, telling me I had to move because of the break-in. But instead of being negative, I said to myself, “I think someone wants to pay my rent for a year.”. Sure enough, I found out I qualify for a rental program that will stagger my rent so I can become self sufficient and they are paying 100% of my rent for 6 months!! Next was my birthday. Since my girls and I are alone I told my daughters ” I think someone wants to take us out for a nice birthday dinner.”. As soon as I got home and checked my email a friend from high school had sent me $100 gift card to PF Changs! Wow! We had a lovely dinner! Next it was to teach my 2 daughters ” The Secret”. Both of my girls had been educated in a non English school abroad for a year and then had suffered the chaos in my household last year, so they didn’t do to well in school. The first day of school last week was a horrible catastrophe. Both girls found out that they had been held back and would repeat the same grade. I told both of my daughters to say every morning “I think I am smart enough to move to the next grade.”. Sure enough, you guessed it! My Kindergartener was tested and she moved into 1st grade and just yesterday my 10 year old moved up to the 5th grade! Next on my list is a vacation!

The Secret undoubtedly works! I am living proof and so are my girls. We cannot thank you enough that you have shared your secret with us. It has changed me forever and I share it with everyone. While I still have a long way to go, I am certain that as long as I concentrate on being thankful for what I do have and concentrate less on what I don’t have, I am living proof that I changed my circumstances in a short amount of time. It is the power of your mind! I have created a mantra that my family and I say every morning when we put our feet on the floor to start our day. Every one of you can realize the potential you have and trust me after 3 years on a negative rollercoaster and hit rock bottom, I have no doubt. I will not be here long. I think that I have a wonderful story to share and I will attract to me all that is good! On behalf of my daughters and myself, Ms. Rhonda we thank you! Be blessed!

I will attract to me all that is good! I attract to me caring people that will help me and support me! I will attract to me a great love that I have a connection with! My daughters will be successful women in their own right and the cycle of despair and anger will be broken! We will have all that we asked for because I am a light in this world, with love and happiness to give and to receive! You better believe it!

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