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The easiest, fastest way to lasting happiness is to practice gratitude.

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The Secret Is A Lifestyle.

Submitted by: Rhonda Butrage

After reading the book and being a stressed out single mother of 3 kids, I decided to take some leaps of faith that proved beneficial.


I I discovered “The Secret” about twelve years ago when I thought my life had totally fallen apart because my husband of 19 years left me for a younger woman. I ended up on five medications and felt trapped with three kids and a job I hated but paid well.
It took a couple of years to heal and “change my frequency” but I began to truly live the lifestyle and embrace the life altering experiences I had to face.

The Secret is a lifestyle, not just a book to read or CD’s to listen to.

Once I believed I was in control of my thoughts and the resulting transformation, there was nothing stopping me! I tested my power through huge leaps of faith! Most rewarding was fulfilling a lifetime desire to dive the Barrier Reef in Australia, which I did with my two girls on my 50th birthday! Then, after losing many close friends, I decided I couldn’t wait to retire to truly “live” so I ended my corporate career, sold my house and began living large in Colorado which was the last thing on my “bucket” list. I got off all but one prescription, too!

Before I left Texas for that journey though, I visualized selling my house and had a buyer in a week. I called a car dealer for a red Tundra so I could tow a trailer because the buyer failed their credit check. I found one in a week with everything I wanted including a towing package for the trailer I would need. I inherited the trailer which was full of rocks and gems my father had collected for many years! I visualized peace and serenity in a cabin in the woods and immediately saw an ad for one to rent in the Pike National Forest! Despite not having a job, I got it!

I put 35,000 miles on my truck over the course of my year and a half journey and did everything I wanted to do without knowing a soul in Colorado. I went whitewater rafting, mountain climbing, zip lining, you name it! I lived! My kids thought I was having a mid life crisis and even though I had been preaching and practicing The Secret for years, my friends and family were shocked when everything I put out to the universe happened! Many came to visit and decided to follow their dreams as well!
A couple of months ago, I came back to Texas with no regrets! I had lived the dream and my attitude of gratitude kept bringing more abundance and joy!

I decided to make a career change when I got bored and thought I should go back to work. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do yet but I needed a purpose. I got clear on what I wanted to do for the rest of my life; work for a nonprofit that empowered women, was close to my home and would enable me to use my corporate experience to make a difference in the world. After I was clear I landed my dream job! It is five minutes from my “rent house”! I am so grateful and blessed! I walk the walk, talk the talk and great things keep happening! Because I took a major cut in pay to follow my heart instead of a paycheck, I knew God and the Universe would take care of me so I had no worries.

On top of that, I wanted to sell a portion of my dad’s rock collection to fund a scholarship in his name. Last week, a geologist I met at The Houston Gem and Mineral Society came over to help me price some things and after a sale in July that I had reserved a table for a couple of weeks earlier, I will have the scholarship money! A collector also came from Austin last weekend and took several crystals to sell. I’ve been selling “gratitude” rocks too, so I will most likely increase the amount of the scholarship!

Today, an avalanche of abundance was revealed when I got the papers to sign on an owner finance note I was carrying that is now being paid off almost two years early! More than enough to cover the difference in my needs vs salary!

I know I shouldn’t be surprised when things work out as I am a walking, talking example of how well The Secret works! I get giddy when I “expect” something to happen because I know it will! The Secret really is all about the power of positive thoughts, acting as if we have already received what we want and being grateful, thankful and living in joy, all of the time! I am so blessed with the teachings of your book and CD’s you produced Rhonda! I subscribe to The Secret Teachings Daily App and it seems as if each post is directed at me! All of this has unfolded and been documented on Facebook over the years so I think I’ve been your best testimonial!

My next visual will be a man I can spend the rest of my life with because I’m finally there! I have no baggage, no drama and harbor no hard feelings. I have truly opened my heart to the possibilities! Thanks to you pursuing your dream and giving me the tools to enable me to follow mine! My life rocks, and my side business is called ROCKS2BME, lol! I look forward to the future and watching the next chapter unfold.

Thank you! I will forever be grateful for my new lifestyle!

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