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The Precious Letter From My Mom.

Submitted by: Stephanie


My name is Stephanie, 45 years old. Originally I'm from the Netherlands, but three years ago I followed the path of love and moved to Belgium to be close to my 'boyfriend'. I work in a residence for disabled people. I love my job and the people I work with, my coworkers as well as residents. I'm grateful for everything since being here. Sometimes I used to feel insecure about myself and negative thoughts would take over. It was at such a moment when I 'found' The Secret on Netflix.


About ten years ago, my mom wrote me a letter after I told her I felt unhappy. She told me about her feelings of unhappiness in the past and how, at one certain moment, she felt the presence of God very strong.
It was a very special letter, although I didn’t really understand all of it at the time, and it felt kind of distant from my own experience. But I knew I had to keep this letter, and never throw it away. Maybe later I would understand more of it.

A few months ago I was looking through all kinds of letters, photos and documents, in search of that letter. I couldn’t find it. As I moved house a few times in the last years, I assumed it got lost.

A week ago I was feeling sad, negative and insecure. As I was scrolling through Netflix, I found The Secret, and being in need of some guidance and inspiration, I decided to watch it. I found it really interesting, it was exactly what I needed at that moment.

I decided to take action by immediately writing down everything that I was grateful for, everything I valued in my life. I knew I had a few empty notebooks in a cupboard, so I took one of those to write in. I took the one that had a motivational quote on the front. I opened the notebook and didn’t believe what I saw.

There was the letter from my mom that I thought I had lost!! I was so relieved about it.

I immediately sat down and started reading it. I realized the most beautiful thing! The moral of what she wrote, corresponded with the moral of The Secret I had watched not even half an hour before. I understand much better now, ten years after she wrote it, what she was saying. This letter was even more valuable to me now.

The next day I decided to drive 340 km to visit her and tell her about this. I wanted to let her know how valuable this letter is for me, and to thank her for supporting me through all the years. My mom has Alzheimer and therefore I’m not sure she will remember my visit, but I’m so happy that I took the chance to thank her and show her my appreciation. If I hadn’t watched The Secret that night, it might have taken years to find that letter. Finding it helped me believe how the Universe will show you things at the right time, but it is you that chooses to see them, embrace them and value them.

Thank you!

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