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Submitted by: Andrea



It was the summer of 2003. I was on holiday, sitting on a golden sand beach with the sun shining when my mother told me the amazing news that she was pregnant with her sixth child. We both adored children and couldn’t wait to have a new baby around the house, as the youngest was now eleven.

However, three months later, at her first scan, our world crashed around us. The baby’s heartbeat was not there, and my mam had miscarried. We were devastated.

Over Christmas 2004, our dreams and nightmares were relived. My mam became pregnant again only to lose the baby at four months. The doctors said that at forty-two, she was too old and her eggs were not strong enough. We had given up hope and accepted the fact that we would never have another baby in the house.

Two years passed with both of us still yearning for that baby. Then The Secret came into our lives. At first I was a skeptic. Then my mother made me watch the DVD. After the first five minutes I was glued – something in my heart and mind just clicked, and for weeks I couldn’t stop smiling.

A few weeks later, I started to visualize. I got out an old doll I had for years, and every night before bed, I would lie holding it for ten to fifteen minutes and visualize my baby sister or brother in my arms, the baby’s heart beating against mine, their warmth and love embracing me. I also wrote on my calendar that on August 14, 2007, my seventeenth birthday, I would hold my real brother or sister. I didn’t know it, but my mother had written on her calendar that on my father’s fiftieth birthday, in September 2007, she would have her sixth child.

Just months after starting to visualize, I sat with a miracle in my arms. With her heart beating against mine, and her warm face snuggled into my cheek. My baby sister was and still is beyond beautiful, beyond perfect, and beyond belief. She is faith, hope, and love; she is the miracle of life.

Yet another story from my life shows how powerful The Secret truly is. At the age of twenty, I was diagnosed with some fertility issues. I was busy running my business, which I had opened at the age of eighteen, thanks to the information I had learned from The Secret. The diagnosis devastated me; I had always wanted to be a mother. I focused on my business, but a couple of years later, a lot of signs were coming into my life. I was diagnosed with further problems. I had to take action! So I began investigating my options and continued being grateful for my life and having the opportunity to love and teach so many wonderful children. I truly believed that I would find the right path. I began visualizing being pregnant and having a little baby (one that I didn’t have to hand back at the end of the day). The path that began to appear was different from those more traveled, but I knew it was the one for me.

I decided to go for fertility treatment and try to conceive. It was a difficult road and even harder traveling it alone. There were many obstacles and heartaches, but I knew I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I kept visualizing and staying positive, but I was experiencing something strange. When I tried to envision my future with a child, I couldn’t. My mind kept seeing two. Everywhere I went, I started to see twins. When I visualized, I saw twins. I tried to ignore it, but it was such a strong image in my mind that I decided to focus my visualization on twins. I placed a picture of twins on my vision board and I kept moving forward on my path to my dream. My heart thumped when I got the news that my second round of treatment was a success and I was pregnant, but the best news of all came at my eight-week scan. IT WAS TWINS!

I couldn’t believe it. Everything I had imagined over the past few months was coming true before my eyes. I was not only going to be a mother but a mother of twins. Now every single moment I spend with my boys is filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love. I am so thankful that I have been blessed with a true understanding that what you believe you can achieve.


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