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  • Submitted by: Melody Hall
  • Date Posted: Jun 1, 2017
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The Perfect Year.

Melody Hall


I'm Melody and I'm 21 years old and I have been looking for information about my subconscious mind. I'm so grateful I did this because my life has changed in huge ways and I get all that I desire most.

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The Perfect Year.

I talk about so many stories of how The Secret changed my life this year. I had a list with 10 goals I wanted to achieve in 2016 and I also did a vision board. I have achieved 6 of those goals and I keep getting more goals and dreams that I know will become reality.

I always wanted to travel the world and learn about other cultures. So one night I had a presentation at work with the vice president of the project that I work with. Just a day prior to the presentation, I wrote every single detail of what would happen the next day. I also asked that the vice president would send me to the United States for training. My faith was huge and the next day turned out exactly the same as I had written that night. And guess who went to the US for two weeks?!!

I believe with all my heart that the Universe sets everything up so perfectly that you should feel confident and trust that you will get what ever you ask for. I also got a new position at work as a supervisor. Also, all the coworkers that used to make my life hard and sad because they were hard to deal with, just quit. Now I have adorable and fantastic coworkers along with a great wage.

I just bought tickets to travel to Europe this Christmas and the Universe moved everything accordingly and I have the perfect partner to travel with for 3 weeks with everything paid for.

I was looking for a university to study what I really love, which is business. I just found one in Germany and the tuition fees are only $147 € per semester, which is crazy! Everything is getting affordable for me and I am so, so, so blessed! I always feel so amazed because I get what I ask for so fast.

Thank you!


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