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The Perfect Grades!

Submitted by: Nsn

Novice manifester. Getting the hang of LOA. Getting consistent!


A little backstory: I kept failing at least 2 out of 6 subjects each semester. That’s the old story. New story now!
The law works! I have been practicing quite regularly for the last few months. I prepaved how my exams would go before I attended them. I repeated affirmations. When it comes to affirmations, if you don’t connect with it or feel like it’s the least bit true you will end up doing more harm than good because every time you affirm it you are resisting that reality by feeling bad. Only affirm when you feel good. And it is also okay to have doubts. Especially when you have to wait for results over a long period of time you might have doubts at certain points. So the thing is to have your vibration up and flying above 50% of the time. If you have doubts, be aware of your thoughts and correct their direction. So stop thinking about it and think about something else. Do what feels good. Instead of resisting, redirect. Every time I had doubts creep up I just thought of something else that I was really passionate about. Another note is that you can read all the books on the law of attraction you want. But in the end it is not enough to just feel good only when reading the books. Just a few minutes visualizing and affirming won’t do. This is what people misunderstand the most about the LOA. The visualizing and affirming are just ways to get your vibes up. So the key point here is to keep your vibe up most of the time. That is how you attract. You can’t have 10 minutes of positive thoughts and go back to your usual thinking ways and expect the LOA to work. Observe your thinking and reprogram yourself. So here is exactly what I did to get the grades.

1. Learn. You can’t not study for the exam and expect good grades. You don’t have to study hard. Just study what feels good. But keep taking the action.
2. I wrote in my diary how easy my exam went before and after. Prepaving is very very important.
3. No stress. I listened to good music and was relaxed during my exam time.
4. Do not. I repeat do not contradict yourself. If your friends are complaining about how bad the exams went do not join in. This is key. If you don’t do this, all the effort will be wasted. Constantly watch what your say. And catch yourself before you speak. Remember, your words are your spells.
5. Prepave, prepave, prepave. Writing is a very powerful way of creating.
6. Check out what the pray rain journal is. This method is pure magic. Everything I ask for manifests instantly.
7. Give thanks in the present. Gratitude is very important. But you need to give thanks to all the good things in life. Not just your future grades.
8. Let go. For the first time in my life. I wasn’t worried about my grades. I was watching modern family when I got the news. I knew my results would be out today. But I kind of forget about them as I spent my time on reddit and watching modern family. That is the amount of detachment you need to have to the outcome. I was okay with whatever the result was. Letting go is the final and important deed you need to do. Because you can do everything right and if you are still resisting, zilch happens. Sad I know. But that’s the reality.

The LOA is a way of life. Not just something you use on a whim. It takes practice to master and even the best deliberate creators out there struggle sometimes. But the good news is that it’s all good. It is all wonderful. It is all absolutely fantastic!!

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