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The Magic Purse.

Submitted by: Breede


I have transformed my whole life in many areas thanks to belief, trust and letting go. I have an amazing career, a new husband and everything has been a whirlwind and clicking together so quick! I'm still spinning.


Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone who shared and continues to share the law of attraction. I have had many, many wonderful things happen since first watching The Secret. I have transformed my whole life in many areas thanks to belief, trust and letting go. I have an amazing career, a new husband and everything has been a whirlwind and clicking together so quick that I am still spinning!

I started to listen to The Secret on audio while driving every day recently or while working from home. The Secret had sent me the most wonderful amazing man and the greatest career I could have ever wished for. I had not even realised it until I started listening to The Secret again recently. I just wanted to share a little story with you.

I had been out one day and a charity was collecting money. I knew I had only a certain amount of money in my purse and I felt terrible. I really wanted to give them money. Well I thought I should still give a quick look in my purse, you never know, I might have missed it some money. I had a flash of €20 pop into my head when I opened it there is was! So I gave it straight to charity.

Then I decided to have a clear out of our house. We got so excited about giving stuff to raise money for people who needed it and thinking about the clothes and books being used rather than just sitting there.  I got very excited when we dropped off the clothes. We then went to pick up some food but my husband went to work so I had forgotten to get money out and only thought about it when I was in the shop. I knew 100% for sure that before I had left home that there was nothing in my purse, as I had checked. I just said to myself that the money for shopping was in my purse. When I went to the self-service till and put my items through, it came out to €28.95 I opened my purse and there was €30 in my purse!!

I can not explain it nor will I try. I have been genuinely wanting to give money lately to different causes. That is something that I really feel good about and somehow money just keeps coming back to me. I find I win random things and I don’t even remember buying tickets for, or money will just be in my magic purse as I call it. My husband is a firm believer in what you genuinely give out you get back, and he always was thinking of blessings for others or positive thoughts, so even for him this is new. We are not complaining, we just won a weekend break for two. I really do think if you truly believe, God will provide, or the Universe will or whatever we call it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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