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The Joyful Path of Self Manifestation

Submitted by: Bonnita K.

Renton, Washington


The Secret has manifested itself over and over in my life – the most recent is a series of events which have not yet ended. I was on a business trip to Omaha when I decided to stop at a local mall to find a souvenir for my sweetheart and my darling son. I walked round and round that mall and couldn’t find a thing. However I did stumble across a new age book store. I couldn’t believe they had one in a mall of all places. The first thing I saw as I walked in the door was the book The Secret. I looked at the book with curiosity but did not touch it. After all, I was at the mall to buy something for my sweeties. A copy of The Secret fell for no reason. Ok. I know when the Universe is hitting me over the head. So I bought the book. I read over half the book on my way home.

I began visualizing a better job with much less stress, more money – joy in my life. Everything was going perfectly. The stress was almost gone (or so I thought) – I had faith the money was on its way. Joy is abundant. Within a week I was laid off – but with a severance package.

The day I was laid off I picked up my son from daycare and his right eye was bloodshot. Oh no! He had pink eye. I called the doctor’s office and asked if they could call in the prescriptions and I would just pay full price. The receptionist said she would talk to the doctor and call me back. By that afternoon I had not heard anything so I called the doctor’s office again. This time the doctor’s husband answered. I again explained my situation. He said hold on. When he got back on the phone he said that I should come in and that all we would have to do is pay for the doctor’s visit. Please come down to office immediately. I went to the doctor’s office and my wonderful doctor saw us almost as soon as we walked through the door. She fussed at me for not wanting to come in. She asked if I was ok as she was examining my son. I broke down and explained I had been laid off. She said not to worry she had just received cases of free samples the day before. She gave us all of the medication my son needed including his allergy medication for a month for free. This would have cost several hundred dollars at the pharmacy. The doctor’s visit only cost $50.

That evening I had to go to the grocery store. First the parking spot was up front. The store has a little café in it where you can purchase pre-made meals to take home. My son likes the meatloaf so that is what we were going to get. When we got there they were out of meatloaf. We decided on the next best thing – a freshly made pizza. We ordered and waited waited and waited and waited. When the pizza was finally done they gave us the pizza for free because we had waited so long so patiently.

I feel great. There is no stress. I am not upset about losing my job. I know I am on the right path because everything is coming so easily. There is no lack of money. When I was working we were struggling. Seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it? That’s right… Everything is at my fingers tips as I need or want it. There is so much happiness. It is so easy! Banish the fear with love and from there all is possible.

The story continues….

We were evicted from the house we were renting so the owner could sell the home. Everything was timed just right.

I was offered a job in Redmond, Washington (we were living in Houston, TX). The job pays more than twice what I was making at my previous job. The people are wonderful. The company is growing… We have not had any money problems since I have implemented the practice of being thankful and stating what I want, not want I dont want.

I wanted to marry my sweetheart. We are now married. We wanted a better home. We now live in a much nicer home. We wanted our electric bill to go down. Our electric bill previously averaged over $260 a month. Our last electric bill with gas included was $89.

There is so much joy in our home now. My husband, son, and I feel like getting out and enjoying life so much more. It is funny, people ask me how I found the ideal job and how my I am suddenly SOOOO happy. I tell them to read The Secret – it will change you life.

Just to give a prime example of how well this works let me tell you this story.

I was two weeks away from starting my new job and my husband had just quit his job so we could move. We really wanted a new car so we decided to go to the dealer and just check it out.

There was only one of the type of car we wanted. It happened to have all the options we wanted and some we didnt know we would want here in Washington. It even had a sun roof – something I had alway wanted but wasn’t wiling to splurge on in the past.

We were financed at the price and terms we wanted and neither of us technically had a job. How awesome is that!

You should come to expect miracles – you deserve them too! 🙂

Love & Light

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