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The faith was lost and came back.

Submitted by: Anders B


Born in 1973 in a working class home in the northern part of Denmark. Photographer for 9 years and self employed for 3 years. Now living in London, running 2 fashion photography studios. One in London and one in Aarhus, Denmark. Employing 3 photographers.


The story actually starts back in 1993.

I was standing at a hill top near to the barracks where I was a military police sergeant. Looking across the fields and up at the blue evening sky, I had only one thing in my mind: “I’m the youngest MP here, and I made it this far. There must be more out there…”

Coming from a home full of love, but also full of “You can’t do that”, I had a hard time finding out what I wanted in life, but I always felt “lucky”. If I wanted something, I knew I would get it. I wished to race go-carts at the age of 10, and one year later I was racing. I wished to be a photographer, 6 months later a local photographer took me under his wing and I was started with what now has become my income.

3 years ago I started my own studio after 4 years of studying and almost 3 years of employment at a studio. I was on a roll, first month we made more money than any month I had worked at the other studios. But with that came something bad, I lost focus and started to think more about taking time off than to develop what I loved so much, doing business. After 1 year it started going slower and slower with money, clients left, the new ones thought I was arrogant and way too expensive.

Then I started reading books, loads of books. I was searching for what I knew I used to believe in, and maybe find someone who had this certain belief that anything you want, really really want, can be yours.

After a while it started coming back, slowly, but it was coming. It never reached the heights as before though, and I did not know why.

I started a studio in London and used the money I had left for new equipment and a rent of 2500Pounds each month. It was an extra expense I never thought I could have. Being in London was the best I ever did, full of the kind of people I could talk business ideas with and share my views.
But still… it was not back.

Then just before Christmas, my head employee told me he had bought a book for me and he wanted to give it to me, even though it was not Christmas.
It is the short version to say NOW IT’S BACK…
I found the Secret I had inside myself for all these years, but forgot how to use.

2 days after reading the first 50 pages I was writing a client an invoice for a one day shoot. I looked at it and said to myself, “How much do you really want to be paid for this job?” And then I added 1400Pounds extra. The client paid and was actually super happy.

And it goes on:
-I had 6 unpaid checks and yesterday the first two came in the mail
-A friend booked an extra suite at the most expensive hotel in Copenhagen and gave it to us for Christmas
-An agent contacted me and wants a meeting
-2 new fashion clients contacted me and we start shooting this month
-5 new magazines contacted me and we are planning shoots
-December we had a turnover 40% above average.

I’m back to being the happy successful boy I was.
A girlfriend used to call me “The rainmaker” because she was sure that if I really wanted it, I could make it rain. But I don’t like rain, so I prefer to be “The sun maker”…

And by the way, my wife-to-be says thank you too.

All the best wishes to all of you.

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