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The Dream Job.

Submitted by: Sam


I am a software professional, trying to learn, understand and live my existence.


2010 was the year when I first saw The Secret and since then innumerable times have I experienced the joy of manifestation. Believe it or not, the story that I am about to tell is just one of the numerous and amazing stories that keep on happening with me. But this being the latest, I wish to share this with the world. The only hope behind this is, you will begin to believe.

I was working for a top software company in India and to be honest I was very comfortable in my job. I am always happy, with no intent of exaggerating things, but I truly see the positive aspects of life. Thus my job was and obviously is a happy event of my day-to-day life. But even if you believe the law of attraction deeply, chances are that you may drift away from this belief at times. I didn’t stop believing but I definitely came under the influence of some negative people around me. And that became the biggest lesson of my life, at the right place and at the right moment.

I was sent to the US by my company on an assignment, in Jan 2015. My client was a gem of a person, very kind, very friendly and indeed one of those rare traits that you may find in a client. When he came to India, we would talk at lengths, not just about business, but about life in general. Since the day I began following the LOA, I have always been surrounded by kind, nice and warm people. I have a regular visualization return, which includes this aspect too. So I was there in California and everything was going great. My company showered me with awards, promotions and my team in India and the US loved me.

Trust me, I was living my dream completely. But then there was a roommate in the US who thought I was not good enough and that I got everything by chance and not due to my capability. This guy somehow made me feel completely inferior and the fool that I was, I trusted his word. Remember, no matter what you do in life and who you are, believing in yourself is the only choice that one should keep. I somehow had drifted away from this and started critically judging myself. Even after having a great life, I became extremely insecure about my job and my life. This was March 2015 and I was in the US.

One fine day, I committed a mistake at my job. My client found this out and called me to his cabin. It was indeed a mistake that I could have avoided. But then something more unpleasant happened that shook me completely. Although I was a star performer, my client began to fire me in that cabin room. He doubted my capabilities, even after years of working together. He used such harsh language that that night I came to my room and wept like a baby. I wasn’t ashamed of committing a mistake, but that humiliation from a dear friend of mine; I simply couldn’t digest it. For nights I could not sleep properly. Things weren’t the same anymore at the office too. That man stopped speaking to me completely. I tried my best to mend things, but somehow things kept slipping through.

Suddenly one day there was other news. My company in India sacked hundreds of people overnight. Some of them had recently returned from their onsite assignments and they were asked to leave. That made things worse for me and I began having more sleepless nights. Things worsened and I stopped having proper food. The trauma of these sudden events began to worsen because of my room mate. This guy was full of negative thought and ideas. And the fool that I was, I forgot about the LOA and subconsciously accepted what he said.

Then one day I fell ill and had to be taken to the doctor. At the hospital, instead of my illness, my roommate kept talking the insecure aspects of life, his life, the world’s life. He then said something that shook me more, “I am sure that once we reach India, we will be sacked too. Your client, by now, must have given all negative remarks about you. So dude, be prepared for a royal exit. And mind you, it is not easy to get another job in India. Somehow I can visualize your future”. If only there was a syringe of anesthesia near me!

My health worsened and I had to take go on sick leave for a few days. So to sum up till now;

1. I had a client who hated me.
2. I was thousands of miles away from my family.
3. I had ill health which could make things worse in the eyes of my client due to my absence.
4. My company was sacking people, left right and center.
5. The Indian job market wasn’t conducive.
6. My room mate.

Lying in my bed at home I decided to watch a few movies that I kept on my hard drive. Suddenly my eyes fell on The Secret. The Secret! Why didn’t I think of this before! I saw the movie and just after it finished, the last part of my room mate’s “motivating” words rung in my ears “I can visualize your future.”

Visualize! That very moment I sat up and first penned down what I wanted in life. Line by line, point by point. I read it once, twice, thrice, almost in the mood to memorize it. My previous and extremely profound experiences helped me in garnering courage and belief. Then every single day and sometimes twice daily, I began meditating. I began visualizing my life the way I wanted it. A week passed by and then one by one, the following events began to happen. Believe it or not, each event is exactly the way it happened.

1. My roommate got busy at the office so we began spending less time together. Negativity resolved.
2. My client committed some big blunders. To sort those out, he needed our help. Not that it made our ties stronger, but at least the cold vibes minimized.
3. In 3 month’s time I came back after my work was done, peacefully.
4. I needed a vacation after all this chaos, my boss granted it immediately so I was off the grid for 3 good weeks. This leave had been on my list, remember that.
5. My company meanwhile sacked a few more people. But the day I landed I began searching for a new job. The best is yet to come.
6. Remember my roommate said it would be hard to find a job? I got three offers in hand by the end of November 2015, and that was just 2 weeks after I landed in India.
7. I accepted the best suitable offer and a month later I was released from my company happily and peacefully.
8. When I joined my new company I opened that sheet of paper on which I had visualized my dream job. Word by word, everything fits that dream today. Designation, role, team, salary, each aspect taken care of by the Creator. Each aspect tailor made for me.

Today when I look back, I do miss that friend of mine in the US. But to think of it now, everyone makes mistakes. To take people’s feedback to heart causes all the damage. It’s been six months since I joined my new company and very recently I got an award for exemplary performance.

But the reason I share this with you is something else. My roommate in the US said the other day that I am his role model and that he felt jealous of me at times and he thought about pulling me down numerous times. He perhaps doesn’t know that he was quite successful in doing that, but for a brief period!

Gratitude is not something that needs to be injected by outside events. Gratitude about every current moment of your life, it is what you need to make as your nature. The air that we breathe, the relationships that we have, the food that we eat, the clothes that we wear, the water that we drink, each smallest aspect of our lives deserves our thank you, begin with that first.

And a huge thank you to Rhonda Byrne for showing us this path. It has been six years since I began following your teachings Rhonda, and except for a hiccup, my life is truly amazing.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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