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the Dime

Submitted by: Michelle S.

Miam, Fl

Young mother, wife, graphic designer, and follower of the secret and the teachings of the Buddha


I have been raving about The Secret for weeks now, and have been telling all my friends about it. They look at me a bit quizzically, but I don’t mind.

One morning, I woke up and was getting ready to go class…I grabbed a lot of extra change and started to count it to see if I had enough for a good cup of tea and some bread at school. I found I only had $1.90, and needed another dime to make it $2. I decided this would be the perfect way to put the Secret into practice. I thought to myself for a few moments that during the day, I would find the dime I needed to complete my $2.

Later that day, with my friends, we went to a park I’d never been to before, on a whim… After a scrumptious lunch, we decided to explore our “inner child” and go play on the swings and slides of the playground. The playground floor was sand, and I happily removed my shoes. While swinging about on a rope I happened to look down into the sand, and noticed something shiny. I jumped down, and it was a dime! I went mad, and started jumping around shouting “it worked! it worked!” Needless to say, my friends looked at me more quizzically than ever.

I’ve never been so lucky as to find anything more valuable than a penny on the ground, and in white sand, I find a silver dime…the smallest coin of them all, and it was half buried. That little dime helped make a believer out of me for life! And now daily, I manifest beautiful things, like love, good advice for friends, compassion to others. I think this secret is so powerful and beautiful, it shouldn’t just be used to our own monetary gain, but principally to help others, and through helping others, we help ourselves.

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