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The Best Customers!

Submitted by: Mae


Canadian who aspires to live life to the fullest, believing that everything is possible now that The Secret has been revealed to me. :)


I read The Secret about eight years ago and while I agreed with most of what I read, I didn’t follow it seriously as I had too much negativity and did not see immediate results. Throughout the years I would study some Law Of Attraction (LOA), psychology or physics, so it was never really “lost.”

A month ago, I started to read The Power book, which I liked a lot more as it is more informative and detailed. At one part I read about gratitude and how you should say ‘thank you’ throughout the day. I decided to try this. Since it was a bit strange at first, I started with “big” things to be thankful for like my house, parents, boyfriend, cat, etc.

Immediately the first day I began to notice my mood shifted, but being skeptical, I thought it was “coincidence”. The days following, my mood got better and better and I began to realize other, “smaller” things to be thankful for.

I work in a liquor store as a cashier. I was never overly positive about the job as it was the only one that I could find. There is one particular cultural group that comes in frequently (about half of my customers) that are known for alcoholism, theft, poverty etc., though not everyone. Once on one shift, I had a bottle of vodka stolen by people in this particular group. But, since my mood improved, I started to notice less and less people from this group. At first, I thought it was coincidence but after a week I realized it was not. I began to go further with LOA, I began to say “thank you” for my job, my wonderful customers who are always positive, etc.

Before, about 40% of my customers were from this particular cultural group. Now, I average about maybe 1% per shift, about two customers from this group and they are really good, really nice people. A lot of my regular customers who are alcoholics unfortunately, whom I used to see every shift, I hardly see now, maybe once or twice a week. The men that come in are more social drinkers. I also noticed a lot more women coming in now. On one particular day, for forty minutes only women came in! If there was a man, he was their boyfriend or husband. This never ever happened before! Even two customers gave me tips!

While I didn’t intentionally set out to have different and more positive customers, it simply happened as a result of LOA. I am still amazed every day I go to work by the “have a good day” and “how are you” and the jokes I receive from my “new” customers, something I rarely had before.

One co-worker of mine is very negative towards this cultural group, and I see clearly now, as a result, they tend to show up often on her shift, the ones with bad reputations. Whereas on my shift, the individuals that come in from this cultural group are nice, polite and respectful like the rest of my customers.

Of course, there are other results with LOA working in my life but I know 100% it works because I never ever would have thought I could attract different customers unintentionally. If I can do this, what else can I attract? And now I am positive that I will receive my dream office job because I am more positive about my job due to LOA and due to the best customers that I have!

I wrote this with the intention that my story will help someone else who is struggling with their job or co-workers, or, maybe is learning The Secret and LOA and are a bit skeptical. Be open minded, it works positively as long as you believe!

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