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Thank You To The Secret.

Submitted by: Harry Leigh

Seoul, South Korea

A gay dude in his late thirties trying to manifest wealth, a perfect partner and three children by using The Secret.


I am truly grateful that I have a job. I am also grateful that it is in an industry where there are stars. I am a math teacher who works at a place that we South Koreans, call ‘hakwon.’ It is a place school students go for more study. Some hakwons give one-on-one lessons, but most are like schools, one teacher and several or many students. And some hakwon teachers who are really successful are called ‘star teachers’ and they earn as much as other kinds of stars, a movie star, for instance.

As the readers of the book The Secret or the viewers of its movie version know, The Secret says that we have to visualize what we want to happen in the future and feel the feelings of having them now, without worrying about how we can make them happen.

In the movie, Jack Canfield, the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, tells his story of how he acquired massive wealth by using The Secret.
And in The Power, the sequel to The Secret, guru Rhonda tells a story about how she suddenly received a large sum of money by giving love for money.

To be honest, I was, at first, a little disappointed at those stories because neither of them made money happen out of nothing. They HAD something.
Mr.Jack Canfield had a book he had written. Rhonda had shares of her friend’s company, which she had forgotten about because they had never increased in value. His book sales suddenly took off and her shares skyrocketed in value after using The Secret.

It was all very good but I had to wonder, what about people who didn’t have a book to sell or shares to have forgotten about?

What about people with nothing that might be of great value? How could The Secret make wealth come true for them?

However, I soon realized that this was limited thinking. As Rhonda says, the Universe has unlimited ways to make our dreams come true, and I firmly believe it. And when you think about it, is there anyone really without anything that is possibly of great value? I’m guessing nope because anybody can buy a lottery ticket. And besides, my job is in an industry where there are stars. By using The Secret, I can be a star myself!

It’s been about two and a half months since I first began to learn The Secret. I haven’t become a star teacher or anything yet, but I have recently been given a new job opportunity where I’ll get paid about $1,330 more a month than my current job! I’m starting it next month.

I am sure I attracted the opportunity by being grateful for my current job, following the teachings of The Secret. And that’s not all.

When I sent in my resignation, my current boss tried to make me stay by offering me the same amount of pay raise. I declined and decided to stick with my original plan. But it was really something that he wanted me so much! That had never happened before. Never had I been offered a pay raise so I’d change my mind about leaving. I’m sure it happened because I’ve been trying to live The Secret by feeling good all the time, being grateful all the time and choosing love all the time.

Being offered a new job with a $1,330 monthly pay raise and my current boss appreciating me more than any of my former bosses ever did may be small achievements. Especially when compared to the stories of people who made their wildest dreams manifest in just a few weeks or months after starting to practice The Secret. But I’m sure I’m getting there.
I’m getting better and better every day in leaps and bounds.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
Gratitude Now

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