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  • Submitted by: Surbhi Arora
  • Date Posted: Jun 3, 2017
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Summer Internships From 0 To 3.

Surbhi Arora

Delhi, India

A staunch believer of "The Secret" who considers herself extremely lucky.

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Summer Internships From 0 To 3.

I am an MBA student, and in my college, grabbing the right summer internship has a lot of hype around it. So I attracted this internship during the placement week. I was not fully satisfied with it but ended up making peace with it thinking that it was all for the good.

The placement week is usually 5 months before the actual start of the internship date. So when my college people called up to confirm the date of joining, I got the shock of my life because my offer had been revoked.

I was of course upset and worried about how I was supposed to get a new internship just 1 month before the start date. However, I always believed in “The Secret” and knew that something better was coming my way. There was a lot of negative sentiment in the college but I just chose to stay away from it and focus on the outcome rather than the process.

And then this one day, I met this person who came for a guest lecture to my college. I really liked the work that his firm was in to and I approached him about letting me intern in his firm. I just dropped him a mail and then forgot about it. Meanwhile, the college administration was always working to get my case sorted and arranged for an interview with a consultancy firm. Also, my brother-in-law fixed an interview with the HR of his office. And I think everything just fell into place because I had so much positive energy coming towards me .

Finally, on the same day, I got all 3 offers and I was left to chose from those 3. I felt so happy because I attracted not one, but 3 internship offers. I am so so so grateful to The Secret and to Rhonda for bringing The Secret in to the world.

May the joy be with you! 🙂

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