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Stay Positive.

Submitted by: Maya

London, UK

A believer of The Secret.


I’ve always wanted to write my story on here. I’m a logical and rational person and so believing in The Secret had been an up and down journey for me. I usually turn to the LOA when I’m particularly down but I have tried my very best to practice the gratitude principle wherever possible. I keep a gratitude list to remind me of the growing list of things I have in my life to be grateful for. The two things that affect my happiness the most concern my career and love life.

For the last couple of months I found myself working in a toxic work environment. I tried to do the best I could and pulled together all of the motivation I could muster to try to move on to another job. I was determined to ensure that I made the most of my current job and use it as a springboard for the next step in my career.

I am pleased to say that I am currently choosing between three job offers and two are also a promotion. One of them happens to be the perfect job for the next stage of my career. I was able to turn a negative situation into a positive one and I am incredibly proud of my resilience. I worked through my anxiety and I got the job that I wanted. This job will position me to a great start for my next move in 2 years’ time. I honestly couldn’t be happier.

On my love life, I had always been pessimistic and a little too attached. I guess I tried to use the LOA the most in this area. I found myself remembering today, that a long time ago I had written up a list of qualities and traits that my ideal partner would possess. This guy that I work with and had not expected to meet, possessed them all. Even details that were very specific such as having a military background. I am not a big believer in fate but it almost felt like that.

As he and I worked together, the situation at work had affected our relationship and it lead to our break up. I found this very hard to accept because I found myself very happy with this person. Long story short, we decided to call things off and hoped to try again after both of us left the organisation. To my dismay, after I had left work he expressed that he didn’t want to lead me on and didn’t want to see me anymore. Naturally this upset me and I found it hard to let go or see how we could work out.

I turned to The Secret and I tried to stay positive. I prayed and I tried to give thanks where possible. I counted all the things I should be grateful for each day. I made sure I did something every day to ensure that I was not wallowing. I surrounded myself with the people that really cared for me. I arranged things that would make me happy and would be good for my career. I felt this was important because this is what I would be doing when I was happy and when I was with him. I practiced affirmations and I visualised that he would reach out to me soon to tell me that he wants to give our relationship another go. Whenever I experienced doubts I reminded myself of how perfect things were when we were together and how we had treated each other with respect and care. I focused on what I wanted and not what I didn’t want. Every time I felt anxiety or doubt, I would question this doubt and ask, “And what if things worked out? Why not?”

I prayed that the Universe would remove all obstacles standing in the way of us being together. I asked the Universe to make my job and our relationship possible in time for when I returned from my holiday.

I recently returned from my holiday. Words can’t express how happy I am! I always had a bit of doubt but this has dispelled it all. I asked for a miracle and I received my miracle! He called me to say that he regrets how things turned out and that he remembers just how happy I made him. He asked, if I would have him, he would really like us to give things a second chance now that he and I no longer work in that toxic environment. He approached me just how I imagined it.

I actually started writing this story before my holiday because I genuinely believed. I am finishing this off after my date with him, now that I am back. We spent it in this Lebanese place, his favourite and which I booked weeks in advance. It was just as I imagined it and it was almost like we have picked up where we left things. I asked for us to take things slowly so we could make sure it works this time around and he was happy to be patient because it made me comfortable and happy.

Both of these stories are proof that you can have what you want if you ask, believe and let go. Then it will come to you. I used to come on here and read as many of the stories as I could to keep my spirits up. So thank you to every single person who takes the time to post on here. Hold on, stay positive and try to enjoy your life as much as you can. Live in the present. Be happy because it will all work out. I am impressed that I have achieved all that I desired to have and that’s all because of the LOA. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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