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  • Date Posted: Mar 18, 2017
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Smiles And Old Faces.


South Africa


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Smiles And Old Faces.

As usual, thank you to Rhonda Bryne and The Secret team. I like thanking all the teachers I come across in life, from those intentionally sourced, and those who arrive unexpectedly. And thank you to life.

I believe that we should play in life and often the best things and ideas arrive while in play. I play around with the law of attraction and I enjoy the games it plays back with me, even when I haven’t asked. I have two stories below:

A few Thursdays back I thought to the Universe, that I would love to attract smiling faces today. In just two hours I got something else instead. I was at a meditation session that morning and I got compliments from two different people that I had a beautiful smile. Then I met a guy who had the most precious smiling eyes. I walked away from the session with a smiling heart and I laughed at the Universe’s humor. which I love so much.

About a month back, I decided on a random Wednesday, that I would love to bump into someone I have not seen in years. The very next day, I bumped into an old family friend who had moved to Brazil some years back. In that same week I bumped into many old high school friends. And in the past month I have been bumping into people I have not seen in many years. Either from high school or varsity. Every time I see someone from years back I just laugh to myself and think that the Universe truly gives us much more than we have asked for. I asked for one person and the Universe just keeps loading more.

Abundance comes in all forms, and when we recognize and are grateful for it in any form, it is easy to welcome it in all parts of our lives. I’m excited to see who I’ll bump into next!

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