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Set It And Get it!

Submitted by: Snigdha R Rashinkar

Maharashtra, India

I was born in the small village of Ahmednagar, India. I moved to Pune for my education. Then I went to Texas,US for my Master's degree and now I am working at my dream job in Indiana, US! I have learned manifestation around 7 years back when one of my friends came and told me about this amazing video that was showed to them at their company orientation on their first day! Now I carve my own way through life as I have the right set of tools to do so! Thank you.


Hi all!

I am a small town girl born with few advantages in life but also with big dreams! I was born in Ahmednagar, a small friendly town in India. I wanted to do greater things and leave a magnificent legacy behind me for younger aspiring minds that would come after me.

I heard of The Secret from a friend 7 years back and was curious to try it out. I was sitting with a friend on a playground and saw a puppy far away from us. We had seen The Secret video the previous day together and thought it would be wonderful if the puppy came over to us. So we focused on manifesting that by visualizing and feeling it. And then the puppy came to us in a few minutes and we started playing with it. It then hit me that this was exactly what I thought it would feel and look life! From that point on, there was no going back!

I have applied The Secret to everything from getting simple treats to even getting my Master’s degree in the US at an esteemed school!

I had worked in a factory before applying my engineering knowledge and then switched my job to a corporate IT firm. I loved the work in the factory and the friendly, young crowd in IT. I always thought it would be great to work at a job that fused the best qualities of both.

After my Master’s, I started applying for jobs. At the point, it was very difficult being an international person, to get a decent job and a field one loves. My fellow classmates took a year to find appreciable jobs and would discourage me by saying I would have to go through the same thing. But my inner voice told me I had come so far with so little and I always land up in great institutes anyway and these fears are their own, not my burden to carry. I set my mind to get myself a great job with a very positive reason.

Just 20 days after sending out 40 applications, I got a call. It was my current manager! He asked me a few details and scheduled an interview for two days later. I hoped for positive results but let it go as I thought it was only my first interview. But surprisingly enough, he offered me a great position and asked me to start the very next week! I felt like it was a dream!

When I arrived at my workplace, he asked me to skip orientation and took me straight to work. There I met the sweetest colleagues and most brilliant minds in my field of work. But most importantly, the work I do is exactly the same as before only better! I had goosebumps! It felt like the Universe had made space for me and placed me in the exact place where I always wanted to be. I have great friends around and a balanced life now. Needless to say, I work with one of the top companies in my field! Young girls from my family and village look up to me as a brave example. They have started to take positive risks in their lives and are getting a more confident life!

I cannot thank my friend enough who introduced The Secret to me and the knowledge that I control my own life.  I thank Rhonda for putting The Secret out to the world and giving belief a higher definition.

Always looking out for the next magic thing to happen! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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