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See, Believe, then Have and Behold!

Submitted by: Lissy

Bay Area, CA


My apartment complex closed down in summer of 2005. Well, inside the next two years, I had to rent rooms from family, and that didn’t work, so I rented a room with a total stranger. I have lived alone for over 10 years, so this was a great change for me. With bumps in my credit, no down payment due to my 8 month job loss in 2004, getting my own apartment was near to impossible. Or so I thought, before I got The Secret.

At my 3rd place of “room-renting”, I had finished reading and watching The Secret. One night, as I realized I was again getting exasperated with living with other people that I was not comfortable with, I relaxed, cleared my mind, and thought of and envisioned the kind of place I would love to live in. I envisioned bookcases, area, type of building security, commute, etc… and I remember saying while envisioning, “Yeah, that would be nice…” It was very late while I was doing this, so I went straight to bed without another thought.

Two weeks later I answered a 3-line ad for an apartment. I met the owner, turns out it was a condominium for lease. I was just applying to find out what was needed “nowadays” in the apartment applying world, since I had lived in my previous apartment for over ten years. Long story short, the condo was great, and get this – fully furnished with most of the things I had envisioned two weeks earlier! Bookcases included, down to the color of the walls! I applied even though I did not have the down payment or good credit.

Well the owner took my application, said he’d run a background/credit/reference check and call me. I did not ever expect to hear from that man again.
One hour later, he called me and said I was approved and he worked out a deal with me regarding the deposit! I was so shocked, my mouth went dry! My commute to work is about 10 minutes in rush hour – in California. Now all this took place about 1-2 months after reading/watching The Secret and applying the methods!

One thing to remember is that if you don’t see and believe regularly, you can forget to do it and wonder why it seems things are coming unglued. So now I know to read/watch The Secret more regularly.

On the money issues, what I’ve realized is that attracting money seems to take more consistent envisioning, affirmative thoughts, and more concentration/focusing time than most other items you want to happen. But I have attracted money to me also by setting aside extra time to do this. At work, when it gets hectic, it’s hard to do the repetitive affirmations and stay focused on attracting money. But when you can, it really does work!

The Secret has enhanced and strengthened my belief in myself and faith in my spirituality.

All I can say to the creator(s) of The Secret is “Thanks for sharing!”

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