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How The Secret Made My Son The Happiest Kid On The Planet.

Submitted by: Patrick Eggleton

Beaumont, Alberta,Canada

I am a seperated/divorced father of two wonderful boys. I was in a sour marriage but things with the ex are very amicable. I'm a carpenter and am building my own buisness. Hockey is a big part of my family's life and both boys play.


For years I was told that I had allergies. At the start I felt sick and tired, was always sneezing, coughing and wheezing. When spring came I was almost incapacitated from spring time allergies. I would take copious amounts is allergy pills. Spring always depressed me as I knew I would be feeling horrible. Later on, like 3 or 4 years after these symptoms started, I would walk into the house and swell up. It was the result of owning a cat according to my ex and my doctor. When my princess would snuggle with me, my eyes would swell up and I would feel like death warmed over. Camping in the spring became impossible as I would be in the trailer in agony. Life was horrible with the constant medication and suffering. It was decided that we needed to get rid of our cat. This was an absolutely horrible event as “Cassie ” was bonded with me and her new owner paid the price with a nasty scratch. She did not settle into her new home and was then given to the ASPCA.

Life at home was a little better, a few less pills every day to cope with life. Now my youngest son was 3 at the time we gave Cassie away and we did not realize that he had become cat crazy. Years of him asking if we can get a cat and they reply was always the same. Daddy is allergic.

Fast forward 5 years. Dad is at the dump and looking through the “Take it or leave it” area and discovers a book called “The Secret”. I’m reading the book and making discoveries about myself and how to start improving my life with simple things. The book also made me realize I was living in a very destructive relationship. Not that I didn’t love my wife or anything but just that we had become dysfunctional and could no longer live like we were. We stuck it out a couple of more years and it was a living hell. I picked up the book one time and just randomly opened it and started reading. It was amazing how that random act spoke to my current situation. I realized then that this was real. I soon left my wife and started a new journey. I often open The Secret randomly and read, when I’m feeling down.

Then about 3 months into my new journey, I opened The Secret and read about correcting vision and throwing away glasses. I thought that was amazing. At about the same time, my son was asking to get a cat. Instead of saying the usual response of “Daddy is allergic”, I said “Maybe”.

A couple of weeks pass and for some reason I opened the book and read about how if someone tells you something and you believe it is true, then it is true. And remembering the story of the glasses, I started empowering myself that I was not allergic to cats.

A month later we welcomed Lexa into our home and I snuggled her into my face and not a sign of sniffles. I have not taken allergy pills for over a year now. My son is the happiest kid ever as he has a real kitty now. My oldest son who has always been a dog lover, totally fell in love with Lexa. He used to say things like cats are stupid and useless. Not anymore.

The Secret works but you have to use it every day.

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