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Second Hand Attraction

Submitted by: Brad Mills

Ontario, Canada

23 year old home business owner from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. Multi-millionaire in the making.


After watching the Secret, I immediately connected with it, I’m a spiritual person so I believe that God created the universe, and He created the laws that govern this universe including the Law of Attraction.

I believe ‘Faith’ and the ‘Law of Attraction’ are closely related – however the Secret finally shows you what you can actually PHYSICALLY do to make your Faith manifest in a physical form!

Anyway I was with a co-worker who out of the blue said “things are going great for me, my wife is pregnant, I just got promoted, I’m feeling healthy, it’s great”

So I knew he was in a positive vibration, I said “So what else do you want?”

He didn’t really understand what I meant but I explained that he needs to want something else, so whats the next thing he wants.

He told me he wants a car.
I said, “so what kind of car”
“2001 Sunfire,” he said.
“Okay, what color.”
“Dark Blue.”
I then asked “so you want a 2001 Sunfire Dark Blue in color – when do you want it by?”
“By the time the baby comes”
“Think bigger,” I said.
“What do you mean, you’re being weird” he said to me.
I told him, “Jon, you’re going to have this car by the end of the month. It’s going to be a 2 door Dark Blue 2001 Sunfire. It’s going to have 65,000 kms and it’s going to be $4995”

Then he said “alright, awesome that’s a sweet deal.”

So I believed with my whole being that we were going to find that car.

40 minutes later we were driving through a small town doing a delivery, and what did we see sitting at the VERY FRONT of a brand new Used Car Lot?

We saw 2 cars. Both cars combined were exactly what Jon wanted.

the first car was a 2 door 2000 Dark Blue Sunfire with 65,000 KM!

the second car was a 4 door 2002 Dark Green Sunfire with a speaker system and an alarm included, for $4995!

Short story – my friend didn’t actually know what kind of car he wanted – but he ended up buying a car from this dealer, the car I was attracting showed up that same day, and caused him to buy his car before the month was over – so even though he didn’t buy this car, it was a beacon for him to get a good deal!

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