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Science and Religion

Submitted by: Nadi Abdullah

Brunei Darussalam

Educated Modern Muslim


Having health is the most precious thing anyone could ask for. I’ve always believed that things happened for a reason, and for the best. Looking for reasons to why it happens and trying to figure out the logic of it all is the way of my discovery to ‘The Secret’.

I am a Muslim and a person of science. A religion is all about faith and beliefs, where science is all about logic and explanations (up to my knowledge). Knowing that our mind is the most powerful mechanism that ever existed and believing that there is a higher power that is responsible for it has fascinated me.

After 3 days of deciding to condition my mind to get well and heal myself, I started seeing improvements and attracting ‘well’ things, including the discovery of ‘The Secret’. All the answers that I have been looking for are all there. At last I have completed the whole puzzle and understood everything.

The Universe has the ‘Energy’ that works implicitly to cater all that is within to make it a whole. It balances everything to harmonize and tune the planets, elements, situations, and all that exists! I agree with the Laws such as the ‘Gravity’ and ‘Attraction’. That is science. In addition, the teaching of Islam, ‘Practice Balance’, such as accepting the good and bad of everything. That is being ‘Grateful’. Never regret what happened!

Too much of a thing can’t be good for us! It creates imbalances and that spoils the cycle! That is being ‘Greedy’.

Now to combine science and religion we have the ‘Laws of Karma’. What is happening to us now is the result of the past action done by us, directly or indirectly! It means that if we do something, it might come back to us or our child or their child. What we are about to do is not for our present, but for our future!

Grateful = Good Karma
Greed = Bad Karma

Now stop the bad karma and release good karma for the benefits of our future generations! May the findings of ‘The Secret’ bless us all! Thanks to the Energy/Good Karma (which I acknowledge as “Allah” the all mighty), for this experience.

Stay grateful and practice balance! Cheers!

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