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Submitted by: Nikki

Charlotte, NC

I am a writer and a recent believer in all things positive.


I figured if I did not share my story I would be doing a disservice to all who are believers in, or curious about The Secret.

For the past year and half, I have dated an amazing guy. On paper and in so many ways we are perfect for each other. We have accepted each other, flaws and all, and what’s crazier is that we both stumbled upon The Secret around the same time, and it had a huge impact on our lives.

Regardless of all of these wonderful things, there was one rather sore spot in our relationship: in two years of being together, he was never able to tell me that he loved me, and frequently battled with himself on whether or not he could love or was capable of it, or complaining about how it wasn’t easy like it is for most people.

I let this thinking infect me, too, and I became intensely pessimistic and even angry about the situation; blaming him and threatening to be done with the relationship if he didn’t get his act together soon. I said things like, “This is just too much,” or “He’s never going to say he loves me,” and “He’s got problems that he can’t move past.”

Well, as the LOA states, it WAS too much, he DID never say it, and it WAS a problem that he couldn’t move past.

The both of us simply reinforced the negative and doomed things to stay as they were or to get worse.

Then, one day, I thought about what I really wanted, thought about it long and hard. I prayed, too. I realized that what I wanted was him. I decided that it is true that I can’t change anyone, but I found out that I can change myself, and with right thought, gratitude, and prayer, this can have a major impact on the world around you and draw things to you like a magnet. So I put all of my energy on the good of our relationship, thinking of his amazing qualities, and the strides we’ve already made, and then I started to visualize our happy life together. I wrote out exactly how he was going to tell me he loved me, and I wrote it in the past tense. I made room, I let go of doubt, I stayed as faithful as possible in the belief that the outcome of my dreams was but subject to finite time, and since time is relative in the grand scheme of things, I knew it had already occurred. I was at peace.

Then, just recently, after two blissful days together (and immediately following about 2 weeks of not speaking), we took a walk together. It was blissful. As he held me in his arms, he suddenly let me know how much he loved me, for the first time ever. Tears filled my eyes. I couldn’t turn around. He said it to me in the EXACT way I had written it. There is no way he or anyone could have known the specific details and intricacies I had mapped out. I started to tremble and goosebumps ran up and down my arms.

He said it many times afterward, and has said it many times since, and I have never been more joyous in all my life. To know that the man I loved truly loved me back was a first, but also an amazing experience. He let me know that he had gone through a fantastic transformation in the last couple of weeks and that he felt himself finally overcome by his love for all things, and overcome with his gratitude for everything in life, and that most of that extended towards me.

We are now working on getting married, we just have to work on some of the logistics.

If you can be patient and full of love and gratitude, you will prevail. I promise you.


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