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Submitted by: Derrein

Waterbury, CT

Hello my name is Derrein Freeman, I'm a Entrepreneur/Innovator and I'm proud to have that tittle. I've learned many great lessons from my mentors Steve Harvey and Ray Lewis before reading The Secret and every lesson that was taught was explained in this book with a deeper approach. I greatly appreciate the creation of this book thank you so much for giving the opportunity to learn more and make my dreams come true.


Growing up as a kid I wanted to become a inventor. I would always see infomercials of people coming up with new inventions, or inventions I had already thought of but I was too young to make them come to life. I would draw up designs and start taking apart my toys or whatever I could find laying around the house, and try to make something new. I’ve had family members tell me they were dumb ideas and no one would buy them. Only to later see the same idea that I had, sitting on a store shelf or on TV selling out like hotcakes. Here I was, a little kid that had the same ideas and was watching someone else take all the credit and profit. It made me feel like I had no voice.

As I started to grow up my dream of becoming a Inventor and my talent for drawing, started to fall behind due to caring about what others opinions were. Later on down the road I decided to take up a trade thinking. That I should listen to what others thought I should do with my life. So I decided to become an electrician. Even while going to school I still had my doubts about the career choice. But I still decided to stick with it and finish out school because I didn’t want to be labeled as a quitter.

After working in the field as a apprentice, it only made me further realize what I wanted was completely different. I recently went through something that forced me to stop working in the trade because it was too much stress on my body. And, in a way I am thankful that it happened. This event helped me remember what I really want for myself. The career that I choose to have and remembering what it feels like to be a kid again.

My advice for anyone that feels stuck and obligated to make someone else happy, is to step back and remember you made yourself happy as a kid. Why stop now because you’ve gotten a little older. You do have a voice so speak what you want into existence.

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