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Red Leaf.

Submitted by: Jessica Tumen

Toronto, Canada

My name is Jessica and I'm 22 years old. I'm from Toronto Canada.


I’ve been reading The Secret for the past 3 weeks and I believe in it 100%. The greatest thing that has happened to me since I started reading The Secret has left me so amazed I had to share it with you.

I had been reading The Secret for a couple of days when I read a story about the man that wanted to test The Secret by visualizing this special feather. After I read his story I wanted to do my version of it by thinking of this red leaf. I visualized this red leaf in my mind to the point where I knew exactly what it looked like and what it felt like to find it.

It is March in the middle of winter in Canada, where everything is icy and snowy and slushy. I knew that if I found this red leaf, then 100%, everything I believed in The Secret would be true.

Around this time, my pet hamster Beyonce PadThai got very sick. My little sister and I adored Beyonce PadThai. Seeing her little body so sick made us both so sad and we cried all the time because we felt her pain. After seeing a vet and getting medication for Beyonce, she didn’t seem to be getting better. This was about a week after I started thinking of the red leaf I wanted to find.

A couple of days later, Beyonce PadThai died. The morning of her death, my little sister and I had a funeral for her in my favourite hidden spot near the lake in our neighborhood. This spot is my sanctuary where I always go to for peace and to feel alive. I knew it would be the perfect place to bury Beyonce PadThai. As soon as my little sister saw the spot, she started tearing up because she knew that it was the perfect place too.

The sun was glittering off the lake and the sky was so clear and blue where the water and the sky seemed to become one. Our initial plan was to bury Beyonce PadThai in the ground at the spot. We found the perfect spot and I tried to dig a hole with our spoon that we had brought from our house. The first time I dug my spoon into the frozen ground, I noticed a red plastic leaf identical to the one I had been thinking of! It was half frozen in the very spot I went to start digging.

I was so shocked and amazed as I pulled out of the ground this frozen red leaf. In my mind I had this thought like “You are going to get everything you want but not in the way you imagined it.” It was this striking thought in my head that just popped up and I then felt so much peace and gratitude.

Ever since then I have been practicing every thought to attract everything I want in my life and religiously reading The Secret to guide me throughout this journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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