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Reached My Target Weight And Didn’t Even Realise It.

Submitted by: bibi




Hey everyone, thank you for all the inspiring stories I read on here, I would like to share mine with you, too.

I have known about The Secret for many years and today I experienced that glorious moment when I realised I had manifested something that I had wanted for ages and had not even realised it had happened until today.

My dog had a benign growth that had needed operating on for some time, but due to various reasons, mostly financial, it kept getting delayed. A while back I had made a vision board book and on one of the pages was a picture of my dog. I had photoshopped out the growth and had a picture of him looking happy and healthy. Yesterday I was finally able to have the procedure done. Today I reached for that book to look at the picture, to give my gratitude that it had finally manifested and give thanks to the power of the vision board. Out of curiosity I flipped to the next page  which was about my health and body and I was amazed.

I had always had issues with my body being a little overweight. I had found it hard to lose weight and feel good about myself.
Being from the U.K I have always thought of weight in stones and pounds. I had reached my heaviest point and weighed 11 and a half stone. At 5 ft 2 I was very overweight and felt so down every time I stood on the scales. I had decided that I needed to get down to 8 and a half stone to be healthy and feel good. So I had drawn a picture in my book of some scales showing a reading of 8.5 stones. In my current house the only measurement my scales read is kilograms. I was 74 kg.

I really just focused on feeling good, appreciating the things I did like about my body, eating things that I knew were good for me and made me feel good. I would also enjoy the ‘unhealthier’ foods if I did have them, instead of feeling guilt or shame about it. I exercised, but only when I felt good about it, never as if it was a chore. I wrote every day about how grateful I was for my health and my amazing body that allows me to do everything I love. I also wrote about how thankful I was that I looked and felt amazing.

The weight started falling off and I started feeling better and better about myself and losing more weight. Also during that time I was not fixated on what the scale read. I just felt great and when I checked and had seen that my weight was gradually decreasing, I just continued to feel good and be thankful.

Fast forward to now. I have weighed 54 kg steadily for the last couple of months. Then today I saw the 8 and a half stone scale drawing I had made and wondered how much 54 kg was in stones since I only had a kg scale.

Lo and behold 54 kg is 8 and a half stone exactly!! I couldn’t believe it!!

I guess the thing here is that I wasn’t fixated on what the scale read, that ultimately wasn’t important. I didn’t actually have a strong attachment to that number. All that was important was that I looked and felt better and that’s what I wanted and that’s what I got.

The Universe always delivers! Set a clear intention, let go, feel good, know it is happening now and it will manifest in your life!

I feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful day finally being able to have my pup taken care of and also realising I have been living out a dream for the past several months, blissfully unaware at how perfectly it had manifested.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story, Thank you to the entire team of The Secret. Thank you to all the inspirational people here and as always, thank you to the Universe!

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