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  • Submitted by: Anthony
  • Date Posted: Nov 2, 2016
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San Jose, Ca

31 year old male. Ex-felon. Learned The Secret in prison from a man named Michael Lugiai.

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In 2012 I was arrested in Las Vegas, NV and extradited to Nashville, TN to face charges for Marijuana Distribution and Money Laundering. I eventually pled guilty and received an 8 year sentence in TN State Prison.

After being there for a year, I met a man also incarcerated from Las Vegas as well. After getting to know each other, he started explaining to me teachings of the Universe and the Law of Attraction. He then gave me books to read from. The books were The Secret, The Power, Hero and The Magic. We would focus and apply the teachings every day that we were in prison. The law of attraction works and I received early release at the end of 2015. Since my release I have seen so much success and prosperity, from finishing culinary school, to starting my own business, all within 6 months. The things that have come to appear were all desires I had envisioned and focused on while in prison. I owe everything I have learned to this man Michael Lugiai who is still incarcerated. He spends his time trying to teach others the Law of Attraction and changing their lives while incarcerated. He changed mine and I thank him and Rhonda Byrne both for what they are teaching others.


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