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From Poverty And Abuse To Fame And Fortune.

Submitted by: Eternally Grateful

When I tell you all the ways The Secret has transformed my life, its going to be hard to believe. But believe me, every word is true. And it will all be true for you too, as long as you make The Secret a part of your life.


This is hard for me to think about as I try and think only about good things now, but I want you all to know how powerful and real The Secret is, so it can transform your life too.

I grew up in poverty and was so abused by my family that I was placed in foster care. I was beaten, sexually abused, verbally abused, malnourished and neglected.

As an adult, the shame and abuse had taken its toll on me. I believed what the abusers had told me, that I was worthless, disgusting, anything and everything bad that you could think of.

I began to have repeated experiences of abuse with people I would meet in my life. My life was horrible. I would get fired from every stupid job I could find. People were mean to me, I didn’t know why. I was very quiet and shy. It would happen over and over again. I had no money and worked three menial jobs, just trying to survive. In my heart, I dreamed of a good life though. I wanted to have a nice life, to be able to afford nice things, but as I was living in poverty, I had no idea how that would happen.

Then I came across The Secret and I began to see how things could change. I realized I was attracting into my life all the abusive people and bad work experiences because that was the feeling I was carrying in my heart. I learned that what you feel inside is what comes back to you.

So I had to start to learn to feel good about myself, to let go of the anger I carried for my family that abused me, for the people that hurt me. I had to let that all go. It did not happen overnight, but I kept it up, I just keep trying and I started to see results. My life became better and better the more I filled my heart with love. Eventually I was able to get a dog and she filled my heart with so much love that was never there before. More and more wondrous things began to happen. In time, I was living a life I could hardly believe. I had a brand new convertible car I had always dreamed of and beautiful possessions. I met a man who loved me and treated me so kindly, never abusing me like all the others.

I kept practicing The Secret and  my life became more than I can even believe. After my life started to get better and I was working at a good job making a nice salary, I asked myself, what would I do if I could do anything I wanted? I thought, I’d be an actor. So I decided to start acting and began taking classes at night. Since then I have acted in movies with Oscar winning actors and have been on billboards worldwide. I live in a multi million dollar home and I am married to the wonderful man I met 10 years ago. I cannot believe my life and it is all because of God’s goodness and The Secret that God brought into my life.

I was in car accident recently and was badly hurt. It took months of rehab. The doctors told me I would be permanently disabled. I dug down deep and remembered all my past years of using The Secret. I decided I would get better, without pain killers or surgery. I began mediating, visualizing myself as healthy and healed. I decided I wouldn’t believe what the doctors told me. I watched The Secret movie again and again to inspire me. I thought about the man who crashed in the plane and how he walked again. I thought I can do it, if he can. Now I am healthy and healed naturally. Not for one second would I let myself believe what the doctors told me. I just decided not to. There were horrible times for me but overall the feeling in my heart was that I would not give in, I would not give up. The Secret saved my life again.

I practice The Secret on a daily basis now. I see now that is something that you do for life. We are all human and it is easy to get down and out about things that happen in life.

I think it takes a lot of work to discover and work on all the parts of yourself that might be resisting good things in your life. I know I didn’t feel deserving for so long. I also couldn’t believe good things could happen to me. Even as they would happen, I’d go back to being pessimistic and thinking “Oh that was just a coincidence, it’ll never happen again.” But that’s not true. It takes a lot of work, prayer and inner strength to develop faith, but if you keep going and believing in The Secret, your life will get better and better. I think it is important to remember, at least for me, that things take time. You just have to remember to keep going and don’t give up.

Recently I really started to learn the power of gratitude and I am seeing the miracles that are taking place because of it. I now am focused on just being grateful, even when things go wrong.  I have started to listen to Rhonda’s “The Power” on my audio books and she inspires me daily.

Thank you so much!

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