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Perfect Partner.

Submitted by: Latha J.

South Florida

I am a hard working business owner and believer of The Secret!


I read The Secret a few years back and always kind of believed in it. Every now and then I could manifest a free cup of coffee or a compliment and I would always think, well, isn’t that nice? As time went on and I believed more and more with out any doubt, I was able to draw more and more things into my life. I was able to manifest my dream job, get checks in the mail, make great friends and live a relatively complete life. Except for one area. Romance.

In the past I have had a very hard time in the department of love. I would get into these dramatic relationships with the wrong men and get completely drained from them. Only years after practicing The Secret did it dawn on me that I was in fact actively bringing these low quality, wrong for me, negative, abusive people into my life. Once I realized that I was doing this to myself I made the conscious effort to change my thoughts; I decided to turn things around using The Secret.

In November of 2014 I made a list of the qualities I wanted in my perfect partner. I made the list out of sheer frustration with my current situation. I had just been seeing a guy who was treating me so badly. I had just left his home and was feeling very low. When I created my perfect partner list I was very specific. My list had some of the following things on it: must be a dog lover, has to enjoy cooking, has a good relationship with his family, must be artistic, caring, must want to have children in the next 2 to 3 years, must be open to new experiences and travel, must do yoga, must be a New Yorker, just like me!. The list had a lot of other detailed qualities on it. I also created a vision board and cut out images of couples holding hands, sunsets, families with children, people I wanted my perfect partner to resemble and things that made me happy every time I looked at it. I focused a lot of energy on this list and kept my vision board in my room where I would see it every day.

In February of 2015 I got the opportunity to move out of my cramped apartment in New York into my dream home in South Florida. It was a big move but I felt I had to do it as if I was being guided to do so. I had not yet manifested my perfect partner but had so much else going on I was focusing on all the blessings I had in my life and working on creating a beautiful, comfortable home. I got a big bed and only slept on one side, leaving the other open for my perfect partner. Even though I had access to 2 closets in my new home, I mainly only used one, reserving the other for my perfect partner. Every morning I felt gratitude for all the things I did have in my life. Even on my patio I set up two cushioned chairs and would watch the sunrise from them and imagine watching it with my perfect partner.

Just one week after moving I decided to treat myself with a visit to the art museum. As I walked in I saw a really cute guy walk in right behind me. I worked up the courage to speak with him and some of the very first things he told me in our conversation was that was from New York but in florida because of work, loved art and worked as a chef!!!! It was a moment I could never forget as my heart was racing. We both just happened to be at the museum on our own and decided to spend the day together. At the end of the day we exchanged contact info and went our separate ways.

He asked me out on a date soon after and the more we got to know each other the more I realized he was everything I had asked for on my perfect partner list. Every single quality! I was shocked. The Secret really works. It taught me how to manifest my perfect partner.

We are now engaged and planning our wedding in NY for the summer of 2016.

The Secret works when you believe it is working and you live your life as if it is already happening.


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