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Perfect Health And Good Appetite Is Back!!!

Submitted by: Happily Everafter

Illinois, USA

I had heard about positive thinking and visualization from a family friend. I read some books on Law of attraction, had used it here and there. But watching The Secret movie at my sister's place on the day after Thanksgiving in 2011 was the real eye-opener. I have made my awesome Vision Boards and truly believe that I will achieve all my goals and be very happy.


My perfect health and good appetite is back!!!

First I’d like to thank my sister for introducing me to The Secret movie in 2011. Thanks a million to Rhonda, her team and all the lovely people who post their success stories here. I have been practicing it on and off. I have seen many small and big successes but had never been consistent. I always read The Secret Stories every day before I go to bed and feel happy.

Recently I fell sick with sinus pressure, loss of appetite, runny nose, weakness and couldn’t do anything. My wonderful husband and kids helped and took very good care of me and I am grateful for that. I started to lose weight and felt very miserable. I was constantly Googling for remedies for my illness and how to get my appetite back. Nothing seemed to work.

Then I realized that by searching for remedies, I am reconfirming that I am sick and don’t have an appetite and was bringing in more negativity. I promised not to Google for remedies and started thanking for all the blessing I have in life. I thanked all the good times I spend enjoying the tasty food in my life and how my stomach growled before breakfast, lunch and dinner time. I felt happy to think how lucky it is to be able to have an appetite and enjoy good, healthy food. I thanked my body and immune system for working so well and my perfectly good health. I imagined going out for dinner with my hubby and kids and enjoying delicious and healthy food. I dreamed about cooking wonderful new dishes every day at home for my family and I to enjoy and doing all the house work and being brisk at my work. I started thanking the farmers, the rain, the sun, the bees, the earthworms, the rich soil, the trees, plants, flowers, fruits, grains, vegetables, all the cows for providing good healthy milk, the grocery stores for stocking up all the groceries that we need, our jobs that provide us the money to buy all the things we need, our good appetite, our taste buds that help us enjoy the delicious food etc etc.

I continuously thanked everything in my life. I did this non-stop and within hours of doing it, my stomach growled. I felt hungry for the first time in almost 25 days!

I ate and enjoyed each bite and my digestive system worked perfectly fine. My runny nose stopped, sinus pressure disappeared and I started to feel very brisk, healthy and active. I started to feel very grateful and happy.

The lesson I learned was, when things are not going the way we want it to be, then the only thing we have to do is imagine how we want it to be and start being grateful for all the blessings in life.

It is truly magical. I have never crossed beyond Day 5 of The Magic practices. I have tried at least some 15 – 20 times. Now I have promised myself that I will complete the 28 days of The Magic practices and will come back and share many more success stories with you all.

Keep sharing your success stories. It will inspire and help someone for sure. Good luck to you all. God Bless ! Thank you!!!


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