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Part 1.

Submitted by: Starhart


Novelist, daydreamer, forever a fairy at heart.


Hello everyone! Thank you to all who have posted your own stories, they inspired me to share the beginning of my own. Thank you to Rhonda, to everyone who has contributed to sharing and spreading word of The Secret, and to the Universe that has shown me that everyone and anyone deserves happiness and can find it!

My story begins three months ago when I spontaneously, and albeit a little recklessly, decided to move away from home. I had very little in my pocket, no direction and with only one thing that I knew for sure: I wanted to find myself and figure out how to get to the path that would lead me to my dream life. Something told me: Go! Go! Go! Though at the time I did not know what it was, or why it was telling me to go.

Before leaving, I was in a state of constant worry and fear. I feared losing my partner, despite knowing in my heart that he loved me as I loved him. Jealousy, insecurity, stress, unhappiness with school and work, and negative people I surrounded myself with, fed the growing anxiety and state of lack that I was experiencing.

When I left home, I went from living in a beautiful town with an incredible man, to living in a cold, very different and isolated place where I had no family. My only companions and friends were my roommate and my pup. Very quickly, I began to learn that there was a lot I took for granted or was blind to. Not because I did not appreciate them but because I let negativity and a lack of self love dictate the way I viewed my life, love, work, school, and self. Initially, I had no idea why I even decided to make the move in the first place. But that inner voice in my head told me that I knew it was temporary and that there was a reason my gut told me to go.

The first leg of the journey was the most difficult. I felt isolated, incredibly lonely, frightened about my future, deathly afraid of losing the man I had left behind and of not finding a job. I would might never be able to get back home. To add to this, from the moment I arrived in the new state, I was experiencing situations with people I encountered that seemed to only make me feel more isolated. I felt miserable. I cried nearly every day and could not figure out for the life of me how I could find happiness again.

Then something began to shift. I started to watch a lot of videos on self-love, intuition, the law of attraction, and so on. The more things I was learning about listening to one’s intuition and the way the LOA works, the more I could see how those things resonated with me. They were things that I believed in but could never put a name to. Ever since I was a child I had unwavering faith in hope, kindness, and most of all, love. I never wanted to lose touch of that part of me and I never wanted to lose touch with my imagination. That was what I feared might happen when I began my journey and dipped into a state of desperation and sadness.

Soon after I began watching people speak about the LOA, self love, etc, I stumbled upon The Secret. I had never read the book, though I knew that someone had lent a copy of both the book and film to my mother. She had not read or watched it yet either. I knew very little about what it really was. One day, while at work, the full transformation of my life began when something compelled me to finally open up The Secret. From page one, I felt such bliss in my heart. I felt the wonderful giddy feeling in my stomach that I only felt when I was back home with those I loved, or doing the things I loved best. 

At that point, one thing I was sure of, was that I knew what I wanted. I did not know how I could get there, but I knew that no matter what, I would never lose the love of my life because I knew that our bond was profound, beautiful and everlasting. I knew that I never wanted to give up on things like love, on keeping my inner child alive, on chasing my dreams. I knew that I wanted to return home and go after my goals, no matter how wild they seemed. I knew I would always trust my heart and gut intuition. Then suddenly, as if the sky cleared after a thunderous storm, I began to see clearly and act on my intuition.

I knew that until I could get back home, I needed a job and knew without a doubt I would find one that would be just what I needed. And I did. I knew that somehow, I would follow my gut and that it would show me what I needed to do to remove toxic people from my life and attract more positivity. Almost instantaneously I began to feel lighter because I was interacting with people that matched my vibrations. Money no longer became an issue. I felt proud of myself and as though I was realizing, finally, what had drawn me to move in the first place. I just needed to find my inner child again, the one that pushed aside doubtful or negative thoughts and saw the world as a place filled with magic, wonder, and incredible love. I started to feel grateful for every part of every single day.

Within three months the love of my life came to visit me. It had been like we had never separated at all. I saw that everything I felt and believed was true because he too felt the same. The distance had not changed that. An opportunity opened up for me to return home. A previous employer of mine reaching out to me to ask if I needed somewhere to work for the holidays this year. It was like the Universe was showing me that no matter what, somehow, someway, I would always find what I needed on my journey. And when I was done, I would find my way back home more blissful, abundant and grateful.

Now, I am returning home to the love of my life. I am able to continue working with my previous employer who I am so grateful to have met and I feel happy to work with again. I can once again see all my loved ones and be where I feel most at home. I found The Secret when I needed it most. Now I know that I have found my path and that abundance is manifesting every single day for me.

Whenever I feel like I need some extra strength or faith, I go back to The Secret or watch other people speak about their miracles. Their stories of manifestation and experiences with the LOA. They bring me joy and faith and I know that I can and will always have happiness! I am so incredibly thankful. I can only hope that somehow this story can help at least one person to chase after their dreams and to give hope, love and faith a chance. To let the Universe help them find their way! Never give up on what you know is true in your heart! Peace and love always, to all! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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