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  • Date Posted: Jun 10, 2017
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Onsite, Money, Dream Place!



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Onsite, Money, Dream Place!

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post. I am a 30 year old guy from Mumbai and want to share my amazing story. I am really happy that I came across this lovely gift of the LOA and amazed that it works every single time. I came across The Secret 5 ago back in 2011 and I discovered The Magic just a month ago. I had read a book called The Power of Subconscious Mind and was practicing LOA when I was in 12th grade. That was ages ago and I was successful in getting excellent grades. But I do not know what made me stop but lucky that I came across The Secret .

Well, it was my dream to visit the USA since I was a kid but didn’t know how it would happen. After 2011, I used to watch The Secret like once every 6 months, do the affirmations for few days and then would not follow it. But it was since the year 2014 that I decided that if I want to go to the USA, I would have to do The Secret regularly .

I switched 2 jobs and got a very good package, the one that I had asked for. And most importantly, my company sent me to the USA twice and that too for a period of 6 months. My ultimate dream was fulfilled! 

Well , when I came to the USA I made sure that I didn’t stop practicing The Secret. I kept visualizing that my dream was already fulfilled. As per my dream list, I visited NYC and a lot other places. I wished I would save $3333 during my first trip to the USA and guess what?! When I returned home and counted my money, I had $3333 dollars! The exact same amount I had asked for! It blew my mind!!!

This is my second visit and I am writing this from the US and I am so happy that I will be going back home to India in a few days. All set to fulfill more dreams.

Cheers everyone.

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