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Oh My, Affirmations Really Do Work!

Submitted by: Violet

Toronto, Canada

International Life Insurance Manager


My story is probably like many on this discussion board.

I was looking for inspirations from others to continue my visualization work and to see results. Unfortunately, I have been struggling financially for the past ten months. Too many large unexpected bills and very little cash flow. My credit cards and my line of credit were maxed out and I was starting to fall behind on my monthly repayments. I could not sleep from all the worrying, and every time I looked at my financial spreadsheet to see how I can meet my obligations more emergencies would come up: Dental work, car repair, insurance and license renewals. What was worse, my poor kitty kat became sick and needed two operations. I tried and tried to increase my credit limit but my banks said they could not help at this time. Things were looking really bad and I felt sick to my stomach. No one to turn to and I even tried selling some items but after the pawn shop wanted to give a few dollars for items that I knew were worth thousands of dollars, I just took my valuables and went home feeling defeated.

Then I remembered The Secret. I decided to re-read it, made a vision board, wrote out checks to companies I knew I had to pay within weeks and each and every day I said thank you for all the good that I have in my life. I truly became thankful for my health, education, the roof over my head, the lending institutions for giving me the credit, my family, my car and on and on each and every day. My attitude just changed, I felt happy and optimistic.

I started to vision that ALL my bills will be paid. I felt that I will have the money to pay all these bills. Now, my old thinking I would have said that this is crazy and I would just worry. Not this time, I kept visualizing my large sum of cash and me paying each and every bill. Also, I visioned having more than enough for emergencies and a visit to my favorite salon. I have not visited my hairdresser in over nine months. I just could not afford the cost and I saw myself having the haircut and giving her an extra $20 tip. She does an amazing job, one of the best stylist in town.

Well, something truly magical happened. I decided to play an instant lottery on my work break for $2 and I won $75. I played again and won more money. So, feeling great, I said to the Universe: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this win, I am very grateful!”. I decided to play a daily lotto, selected my numbers.

Guess what?

I won again! $500 this time. I was over the moon, so, so grateful. I kept thanking the Universe for this wonderful gift.

The next two weeks, I continued to just win, twice on daily lotto, $500 each. And another $75, and many $4-$10 prizes. Well, I decided to play the daily lotto again yesterday, and this time I wagered a bit more money. And this time I won $11,000.

I had tears in my eyes and said thank you. I went to the prize office, collected my cheque and paid ALL my bills. I had enough left in my account and yes, I got my wonderful haircut and gave her the $20 tip! Before I would grumble and just give the minimum tip, times were tough, so I thought. This time it felt good giving her the tip and she was very grateful! She made my hair look like a million bucks!

I wish to also add that each time I won money, I would give some change to the homeless man or buy some bird seed and feed the pigeons at my park. It felt so wonderful to give back.

I continue to read these inspiring stories each and every day and I practice gratitude. Things have changed, I can see this. As well, I am continuing to mediate each and every day on my list of items that I wish to manifest on my vision board.

Don’t stop believing, keep going it will happen!

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