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  • Date Posted: Dec 12, 2017
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Number One In The US!

Sun Rah


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Number One In The US!

So I began fundraising a few months back and I was decent at it but really wanted to do better so I kept affirming that I was the number one fundraiser for my organization. But I was investing too much energy in it, to the point where I was very upset when I did not do well. And then I just let it go and started having fun and not taking it too seriously. My numbers began to drop and so I said a little prayer after I had a talk with the boss. I began to do well but I was not yet number one.

Then it happened. I went out to fundraise and everything just aligned perfectly. I had been in a really positive place, meditating, having fun, laughing and just having a good time. So when it happened it was effortless. I was working and I noticed so many signs that the day was going to be perfect. It was extraordinary as people began to donate left and right. I did not even realize it until I got the message from the boss that, and I quote “I saved the week.”. I fundraised more than anyone in the history of the company and in the entire US! It was beyond what I expected and it really came effortlessly!!! I let go and everything manifested greater than I could have imagined.

The moral of this story is to set your intentions and then release them. Then have fun, have faith, keep going and watch it manifest at the perfect time!! I am so excited because I know that I’m going to surpass what I’ve already done because I love watching the Universe out do itself, really out do my expectations.

Thank you to Rhonda and thank you to The Secret family because I read The Secret and The Magic and I use these principles often when manifesting. Oh, and BTW, right before it happened on my break, I sat and wrote about all the things that make me feel joy, a technique I learned from The Magic book.

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