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Nothing Is Impossible No Matter

Submitted by: Firm Believer

Toronto, Canada

What I wanted and desired for so many years seemed truly impossible, but with The Secret, nothing is and now I live the life I once only dreamed of.


Six years ago I befriended a man and I KNEW – my intuition told me that he was the guy I was meant to be with. It came as a flash to me – like a fact, like how I knew I had ten fingers and ten toes.

But unfortuantely after I graduated from university we lost touch. We spoke here and there over facebook occasionally but last year we began working together on a project. Over the past six years, I never stopped thinking about him, and when we started working together, all the strong feelings I had for him came back. We began dating but we couldn’t make it work. He just got out of an intense 3 and half year relationship and I got stuck in a negative cycle that kept attracting more insecurities about us. We stayed friends but my feelings for him only kept getting stronger and my intuition kept telling me that he’s IT. That I don’t need to keep looking.

Then for about a month he changed, he became dodgy and evasive and one night he finally came out with it. He was still in love with one of his exes and she was breaking up with her boyfriend to be with him. I was devastated, completely heartbroken and confused. How could my intuition be so wrong?

I stayed away from him as I couldn’t bear the thought of him being with her. I tried everything to get over him, my friends did their best to convince me that he played me. But though we dated for a short period of time, I couldn’t stop feeling that connection no matter how hard I tried. And my intuition just got stronger. Something inside me kept telling me that we’re supposed to be together and something inside of me wouldn’t let me let this go. That if I did I’d be making one of the biggest mistakes in my life.

Years and years ago a friend gave me The Secret. I knew of the teachings but didn’t apply it to my life. Until now. I watched The Secret on my way to work and on my home everyday, I read the book over and over again, jotting my own notes down in the margins. I also read The Power and Jack Canfield’s Key to Living the Law of Attraction. I did everything within my power to remain true to my feelings, my intuition and my desires.

I created a vision board of what I wanted this year, where I wanted my career to go and of course what my relationship would look like with HIM. I started a gratitude journal thankful for everything in my life and also thanking him for all the things he’s done for me. I also began to write my gratitude for him in present tense, as if we were together now.

I did everything as if I were with him again – I put out a second toothbrush, another towel, both in his favourite colour. I put out his favourite magazines and I slept on my side of the bed, I did my makeup like the way I would in his house – on the floor in front of the floor mirror. I also brushed my teeth on tiptoe like I would have to at his house as his sink is higher up. Every morning I visualized myself doing my routine the way I did it in his home.

I visualized every moment I was able to, being with him. Holding him in my arms, kissing him, taking walks on our favourite paths, cooking together etc. I also said over and over in my head “thank you for my loving relationship with J,” being thankful for what I KNEW was to come in my life.

I held steadfast to this as much as possible, and I had days of doubt when I would see him and this girl sharing things over facebook. It was difficult for me to believe and feel the feelings of receiving when I would see this on my feed.

But I did my best to not acknowledge them, not give any feelings to this obstacle. But there were days where I would think I was completely wrong and a fool for believing.

To get myself out of that headspace, I’d remind myself of how many things in my life turned around ever since applying The Secret. Many little things I attracted into my life and my career also took some huge steps forward that won me only an amazing level of praise, respect and opportunities. And I KNEW all of these things were a result of The Secret as this all happened within a couple weeks of me applying myself to its teachings.

But yet I still couldn’t seem to manifest the relationship that I’ve always known I was meant to have with J. I was clearly doing something wrong.

Then I realized that I’ve been wishy washy about my desires out of fear. I finally put into my calendar a dinner date with him. I made sure I held onto the feeling – the giddiness and excitement of seeing him again. I even planned my outfit then put it out to the Universe to let the How figure out for itself. I planned this date for only a few weeks into the future and as far as I knew, he was with someone else. But I did it anyway. I kept reminding myself that nothing is impossible. That everything was possible as long as I kept loving him, was thankful for him, and visualized myself with him, that I would manifest the relationship that I’ve known I was meant to have with him for the past six years.

After putting the date into my calendar, I let myself relax and held fast to my faith. And amzingly The Universe brought us back together by the date in my calendar!!

We no longer play with the idea of being friends – instead we’re a couple. I manifested the relationship I knew I was always meant to have and I’ve never been happier. I no longer have to visualize my morning routine in his home – because every morning, I do my routine in HIS home.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you Rhonda and the team behind The Secret and thank you to everyone who has shared their stories which often lifted me up in my darker days.

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