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The Not So Ordinary Butterfly.

Submitted by: Julie Duncan


I am a wife, a mother and an Enterprenuer. The Secret/Law of Attraction has helped me find my way back after feeling lost for a long time!


I picked The Secret book up recently after the Law of Attraction (LOA) found its way back into my life. Or maybe I attracted it back into my life! I read the book and watched the movie years back. It was clearly time to read the book with a new lens! Packing for a family beach vacation, I grabbed the book. I held onto every word, as I held the book in my hand at the ocean. Listening to the waves and saw the sun glistening on the water and off my skin. It was the perfect backdrop to such a sacred book!

It wasn’t that I doubted the principles when I set the intention. It was more like wanting to feel the Law of Attraction at a deeper level, without a shadow of a doubt the LOA was at work, that I set the intention. The Secret suggests you put out a small but powerful intention to the Universe. A unique one that you will know without a shadow of doubt that it came from the Universe though the LOA.  Since butterflies have been spiritual for me through the years, that is what I sent as my intention.

The butterfly I envisioned was one of a kind, multicolored and one that I would not ever identify as having seen in the past. A Monarch would be way too ordinary. This would be a completely, not so ordinary, butterfly.

On the way home from vacation, I thought of the butterfly. I thought about how I had not seen it. A tinge of disappointment struck me but I didn’t allow it to settle in. I was convinced the Universe would send me the perfect butterfly. Within an hour of thinking about not seeing the butterfly yet, my son summoned me over to the curb. Look a butterfly! There laid a multicolored butterfly with a stark yellow spot in its middle. One that I could never identify as having seen before. And it laid in its final resting place peacefully, in perfect form, allowing me to capture the image in a picture to document The Secret at work.

But there is more! The backdrop to the story and the events that led up to this encounter. Our first attempt at finding a place to stop to eat faltered. A country road without a restaurant in sight sent us back to the highway. The second place my husband suggested sounded like too much time considering we had a long journey home. I typically never suggest fast food, but today it seemed like a better option.

After kids impatiently complaining that they were hungry and wanting a bathroom break, we settled upon restaurant number three. Upon returning to the car, my son pointed out the butterfly perfectly laid out for affirmation that the Universe sent the butterfly I visualized.

Think about the hundreds of restaurants we could have picked on a 7 hour trip up I-95 Interstate. Think about our choices! And selecting this one restaurant at this time! Think about the scores of parking spots we could have selected! Think about the time frame of that butterfly dying and so perfectly formed. The Universe brought all these things together to show me that one magnificent, not so ordinary butterfly!

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