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  • Date Posted: Mar 7, 2018
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Normal EEG!



27 years old, doctor and mom to the most beautiful baby boy. He is my miracle.

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Normal EEG!

Hi everyone.

I would like to give great thanks to Rhonda and her team  and also to everyone who has shared their stories here. All of you have helped me more than you will ever know.

My husband and I are both doctors. Our son was born 6 weeks premature and had a lot of complications during his time in the NICU. He also sustained a brain injury called PVL due to his prematurity. This was a big shock because he had cried at birth and I never expected it to happen. Ever since his MRI at 4 months when we got the PVL diagnosis, I had been sad, depressed and was filled with a “why me” mentality. When he was 6 months old he had seizures. Specifically infantile spasms. It is one of the most catastrophic type of epilepsies. I was down with despair. His spasms took a very long 3 months to get controlled and the EEG was better than before but it was never normal. I knew and his neurologist also explained, that it was due to his brain being injured. Essentially, he would never have a normal EEG. My son is also delayed in his development and I drove myself bat crazy researching therapies, various meds and supplements to calm the brain and to get that elusive seizure freedom. But with all this, I was feeling more and more helpless every day. I didn’t know what to do.

It was in this haze of despair that I came across The Secret. I read it but I was sceptical. “Thoughts become things” sounded very woo-woo to me. So for nearly 2 months, I read the stories from here. Then, I tried to manifest small things, all of which worked. It made me believe in a friendly Universe. But in my heart I thought I couldn’t change my son’s condition.

After my son’s neuro appointment I knew what I wanted to manifest. My son was scheduled for an EEG in 3 weeks and I wanted it to be normal. It was a really long shot and I didn’t think it was medically possible. But to make myself believe, I got out his seizure diary and wrote seizure free for all the days leading up to the appointment. I prayed a lot. I tried to visualise but I could never make myself believe how it would turn out. So I wrote the gratitude lists and read stories from the book “How The Secret Changed My Life” to keep my morale up. Whenever I would get negative thoughts I tried my best to be grateful for everything else in my life. Sometimes I would go on a gratitude spree and I would be so, so happy. I listened to the audiobook of The Power every night and I would do the Miraculous Healing Magic Practice daily with my son.

Of course I had my bad days, so I would pray to God to increase my faith and make my son healthy. I tried many variations of health affirmations but nothing really stuck for me, so I dropped it. At times I would have my rational overthinking mind analyze everything and try to tell me that it won’t work. I use to keep saying to myself that everything is the size of a small dot. It’s tiny. It will happen. And I would imagine the neurologist telling me that “It’s a miracle!”.

Finally on the day of the EEG, I woke up and was feeling scared. I tried to reassure myself but it didn’t work. So I read some of stories to make me feel better. This time in the waiting room I sprinkled Magic Dust on everyone and made prayers for a fast healing for all the people I saw. I wrote that I was so grateful for a normal EEG.

We got it done, and you guessed it! Normal EEG!!

The neurologist was so shocked. He kept on saying this is very, very unusual. He even cross checked it twice. He told me my son is very lucky. He couldn’t believe that my son with documented MRI damage could have a normal EEG. Heck, even I couldn’t believe it. I was blown away.

Thoughts become things? You bet. I am a believer for life and I have my proof on paper!

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