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No Hard Work, Just Faith In The Universe!

Submitted by: Dikhshita

A believer of the miracles that are bound to happen in one's life and the happiest person on earth.


I fall in love with The Secret and the law of attraction more and more each day, when I think about how it has influenced and changed my insight about life. No matter how many ‘thank you’s’ I write here, it would not be enough to express my heartfelt gratitude to Rhonda ma’am and her tireless team. But here goes nothing. Thank you Thank you Thank you! The Secret came to me in 2012 through a blessed friend of mine. She is a living example of manifestation through the law of attraction in my life. I am forever grateful to her for sharing The Secret with me.

Though I was spellbound to my tiniest toes after watching and reading The Secret, I was always scared. I thought of applying The Secret to manifest amazing results for my medical entrance exams in 2014 and failed like anything. I didn’t lose hope and tried again. I was still not very successful either. I thought about that the college that I wanted to get admission to and the place where I wanted to be so much.

Suddenly, the results for that test got fully cancelled and a retest was announced. Suddenly it dawned on me. Maybe, it was The Secret working for me, giving me another chance through the retest that was about to happen. I  began my preparation and forgot about the previous attempts.

While in this period, and even before that, I had seen pictures of my juniors and friends working in an organisation that arranged a conference each year for youth. It was about trending topics in this world that might change the world we see. At that time I  wanted to get myself enrolled in it, just for the sake of possibly getting noticed. But day by day, my natural attraction to it grew more. I wanted to socialize, make new friends, do my part to help and even show my talents. It was a platform that could do all that and much more for me.

Guess what?! Out of the misery of my unsuccessful results in my medical entrance tests, came my greatest blessing. A friend of mine working in that same organisation placed a posting on Facebook regarding applications for it’s drafting committee and for a content writer. It was as if it was literally made for me. This post was perfect for me because writing is something I would do even in a cave, without food and water. I immediately applied for that post. The next day, they mailed me saying that if was shortlisted, they would call me or Skype me for an interview.

A couple of days later, a women called me up and asked me a time that would be convenient enough for me to appear for their interview. I gave them a later time in the evening to call me and they did, after much anticipation by me. But due to poor connectivity, we could hardly hear each other and the person who previously called me said she would try again later. The next day they sent me a message to give them a time when they could call me and I asked them to call me an hour later.

But alas! The call never came. Though I didn’t really show it on my face, inside I was a little fearful and sad that all because of connectivity failure my chance of getting into this organisation would be a failure itself. But one afternoon, I just woke up and checked my phone for any texts and was surprised to see an e-mail from the same organisation saying that I was selected!!!

My happiness knew no bounds. I was amazed, surprised and a little shocked how I was able to do this without any interview. I asked the same friend who posted about the applications about it. She said that since I studied with her previously, the Secretary General called her up to ask about my professional temperament and being satisfied by my friend’s words, she selected me! It was not the same post I was selected for, but none the less, I would get to write and the team was very talented and friendly. I knew  once and for all that the Universe is the answer to my calls.

I now know exactly how to apply the LOA and I am always and forever thankful for all the blessings I have received and the ones I am yet to receive. I have full faith in my Universe. I now know that how I manifested my position in the organisation, is the same way I will manifest my seat in my dream college. I know I will be back here for another success story regarding my results in the medical entrance. Magic has happened once in my life and I am now sure it is going to happen regularly. Now I believe!

Magic Dust to all my readers! I love my life!


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