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  • Submitted by: Lana R.
  • Date Posted: Jun 4, 2017
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New Country, New Mind, New Life.

Lana R.

Houston, TX

I am born and raised Ukrainian, living in the US with my beloved husband, and grateful every day for all the blessings of the Universe.

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New Country, New Mind, New Life.

Today, on my 8 year anniversary of living in the US, I finally decided to share my story and thank the Universe, Rhonda and her team, and all the mentors who teach us about the power of love, gratitude, and appreciation. Thank you, thank you, thank you for improving so many minds and so many lives, that’s a great service you are doing for the world.

I was born and raised in Ukraine, right around the time the USSR fell apart. My parents divorced and coupled with the economic disaster, my mother struggled to support us. There was a lot of negative thinking, self-deprecation and limiting believes that I developed and absorbed at that time. I engaged in constant negative self-talk, telling myself I wasn’t good looking, or charming, or pretty much worthy of anything. I didn’t have many friends or socialize much, or have any sort of personal life. The only thing I did believe at the time was that I was smart and if I studied hard I’d get some place academically. So I studied hard, and ended up going to a good college in Kyiv. I knew I wanted to get into graduate school abroad and applied to schools in the US. Everyone kind of laughed at me, “Who wants you in a Master’s program in America?”, but I persisted and got accepted into a program in North Carolina.

The first couple years were very difficult. I didn’t know the language, I had to spend all day studying for my classes and still didn’t have many friends. I was very naive and got into some very bad relationships that only confirmed my negative self-beliefs. I constantly told myself I was worthless, unloved and unlovable. I was spiraling downward emotionally and psychologically at a pretty fast rate. The only positive belief about myself I still held was my ability to study. I excelled at that, getting into a Doctorate program at a prestigious university.

My negative patterns and self-loathing and self-sabotage would have continued there as well, if it wasn’t for a fellow PhD student who had me watch The Secret movie with him. It felt like someone took a baseball bat to my head. I realized how I was responsible for all the negative events manifesting in my life by consistently focusing on negative thinking. It wasn’t a fast process, but gradually I began to consciously focus on appreciation, gratitude and love, that I could find in my every day life.

Needless to say, three years later my life is heaven compared to the self-inflicted hell I was keeping myself in, all thanks to The Secret series. After watching and reading The Secret, I read The Power, The Magic and did the 30 day Magic challenge, and Hero. I have The Secret Daily Teachings app and start my day with reading it.

I am now happily married to the most amazing man. We survived a 2 year long distance relationship and finally got reunited. My husband treats me like a princess, showering me with understanding, affection, and gifts. I now live in a big city with lots to do and already have many friends, just like I always wanted. I received a job at one of the top universities in the country, while also developing my own business of natural remedies and beauty products. And today my husband bought me a new hybrid car because I had been thinking of wanting a more economical car! I haven’t worked over the summer due to my relocation and never thought I’d have a way of getting a car. But here I am: with the keys to my new hybrid in my pocket, hand in hand with the man who lights up my world, on a fast track to a green card, living in the 4th largest city in the US, planning social activities months in advance, starting to teach as a professor in a powerhouse of a university and working with a spiritual mentor. The Universe is pouring every single resource I may need right into my hands.

Be grateful, and watch miracles happen. Thank you for turning a shy and depressed immigrant girl into a successful and beloved american college professor!

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