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I Never Notice My Manifestation!

Submitted by: Amonise C.

Miami, Fl

Mother of 1. Massage Therapist. Love LOA. Very into business.


From the time that I was a little girl, I have always loved nature and being in nature. Rain never bothered me, as a matter of fact I found it very soothing. Growing up in Florida we have seen our share of storms. I lived through hurricane Andrew. It was scary. My dad spent I don’t know how long, holding a door shut so the storm wouldn’t enter our home and ravage everything and everyone inside. After the hurricane there was a nice sense of community so I always associated nature, especially water and wind, with peace and love. So from my childhood I have always wanted to live around nature, surrounded by trees and a body of water.

Fast forward 29 years later, lots of trials, tribulation and trauma. I decided to write down what I wanted for my life. No job that I have ever had could have supported my dream of having a lake or the ocean in my backyard. Nonetheless I spotted a rental in my neighborhood which had a bay. Again I had no means of living there. Besides, I would be settling because it was much more than what I wanted to pay, plus the building was old and didn’t have a washer and dryer.  I continued looking, with no real plan nor job. I would take snap shots of places that I had found and make a digital vision board.

In between this time my mom passed away. Shortly after I quit nursing school. I think I was only going to nursing school to make her proud of me. I was also hospitalized with Pneumonia, it was, just a lot for a person to go through.

Eventually I got a part-time job and was making a little bit of money. My daughter had been staying with her dad because there are better schools where he resides. Troubles arose and I didn’t have transportation anymore so I couldn’t take her to school. I had no further luck in job market. Such a tumultuous time. I had no choice at a certain point but to let her stay with her dad pretty much full- time with a nanny. I felt like a failure and because I was not where I wanted to be as a parent and in life.

I’m going to skip a lot of details as this story is long enough already. One day her dad texts me. He said that if I wanted to, I could move in with him and her. Not for free, I would pay rent and purchase my own food. She was getting older and needs me. Plus his work demanded a lot of his time during hurricane season and she would be home alone. Otherwise he would have to get someone to be with her.

Well I accepted the offer. Mind you I did not have the funds to move in at that moment but I didn’t tell him that. He only asked me for the first month’s rent. I was due to receive a refund for a little over the amount I would be paying for rent. A month later I moved in.

As I was in my bedroom looking out the window, I realized that I had manifested my dream place! It had everything I had wanted! It is a two story house, has a washer and dryer, garage, pool in the vicinity, kid friendly, a fish tank, cable, Wi-Fi and, you guessed it, a lake in the backyard!  Before I moved in I did not know where he lived or how he was living, I just wanted to be there for my daughter.

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