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  • Date Posted: Nov 1, 2015
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Two Greatest Dreams Came True

Kim S


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Two Greatest Dreams Came True

I was a single parent for twenty years. I was always worried about money. I never traveled anywhere, nor was I a homeowner. One of my greatest desires and promises to myself was that one day I would travel to the UK. I’d never left North America, and I wanted my first trip abroad to be to London. I also wanted to be a homeowner, and I wanted to feel a sense of financial comfort and ease in my life. But for many years, I saw no way that any of these things would ever happen for me.

Then I came across The Secret. I loved it because it inspired me and gave me hope that I could improve my situation once and for all. I also bought The Power and then The Magic, and I began focusing on what I loved and practicing gratitude every single day.

I really wanted to saturate my body, mind, and spirit with love, gratitude, and the belief that I could improve my life. Something in me knew that repetition was the key. Just keep reading those books, keep practicing gratitude, keep watching those videos, keep strengthening my belief.

It worked. It still brings me to tears sometimes when I think about just how well it worked for me.

Over time, I increased the intensity of my gratitude and visualization exercises. I began doing my exercises twice a day – first thing when I woke up every morning and last thing before I fell asleep every night – for thirty days straight.

The result? Within six months, the following amazing improvements happened in my life:

My son graduated from university, found the job he wanted, and moved into his own home. What a wonderful reward to see him so healthy, happy, and successful in his own life.

My annual income from my job increased by $30,000.

I also earned some extra money through my sideline home business.

I was approved for a mortgage, bought myself a brand-new condo with many luxuries, including safe and secure underground parking, and moved in.

I booked myself a trip to London and Paris using a credit card and knowing I could pay it off within six months because of my increase in income.

I gave my son all my old furniture and was easily able to afford new furniture for my new condo to be financed over three years.

I bought myself a new Jeep, to be financed over six years.

Then my mother won $1.15 million in a casino lottery in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan! She generously shared part of her winnings with her children, which allowed me to pay off all my debt, including the trip to London and Paris, the new Jeep, the new furniture, everything! Except for my mortgage, I was completely debt-free; I had savings put away and even more spending money at my disposal.

Not only did my mother win the casino lottery, but amazingly, two months later, my uncle (who happens to be my godfather) won $1.4 million in a separate casino lottery in Medicine Hat, Alberta!

On top of all that, I decided to take a long-desired trip to New York City.

Not only did every wish I had for myself come true, but even better, I got to see my son and my mom enjoy success and joy in their own lives. God, that felt good!

My life continues to be so fulfilling. I continue to earn a great living and travel. I continue to have a wonderful relationship with my son and watch him have success in his own life. It’s wonderful.

I’m so grateful to you, Rhonda. You have helped me to change my life for the better. Thank you, thank you, thank you!




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