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  • Date Posted: Nov 30, 2015
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My Success Story Of Weight Loss.


York, Pa

A girl in her 20's getting her life just the ways she wants it.

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My Success Story Of Weight Loss.

I was introduced to The Secret about 1 year ago and when I first read it I was astounded that no one had ever told me about this book before. I wanted to tell everyone about it, but was afraid that some would be more than skeptical about it.

I started using it in my life and some wonderful things happened. I even noticed that I had used The Secret in the past without knowing. I saw my family growing up and many had jobs that they dreaded going to, just like most of society. I saw this and told myself and others that I would work at a place that I love. I said this every time work or my future came up.

I now work at a place that I love and I enjoy going to work each day. I even miss it on my days off!

I have also manifested many other things in my life, but I will stop rambling and get to my weight loss!

So I was doing really well with applying the law of attraction to my life in most aspects; I was no where near perfecting it, but changing my thought process took some time. It’s the habitual thoughts that you really have to work to change; all the constant negative thoughts that will pop up here and there.

One day I noticed that I had gained weight. I was feeling really down about it and was trying to be positive about my body again. I decided to weigh myself to see how much I had to lose because I know my ideal weight is 139. I have always felt good about that number and I know that it is my ideal weight, I can just feel that that is right.

Well when I stepped on the scale I was 170! That is the heaviest I have ever been, even in my “bigger” days before I had successfully lost weight in the past.

I told myself that I was going to lose weight. “I am going to lose 1 pound a day” and I was going to do it while eating whatever I wanted. I love food and I believe that the food that tastes good makes me feel good and that it doesn’t make sense that the food that tastes good would make me gain weight, much like society would make you believe. The media has made me believe that food that tastes good is fattening and it is a challenge to get my mind off that pattern of thought, but I am doing it day by day.

I would tell myself as I was eating that the food I eat nourishes my body and keeps me thin and in my perfect form. I say “my” because my body won’t be perfect to everyone, but it will be to me and that’s what I care about most. Being comfortable and confident in my own body.

So I did lose 1 pound a day!

And I am eating what I want for the most part. I say for the most part because I will have days where I think “Oh no, I better eat something healthy because I had chocolate earlier” and when I find myself thinking like that I will eat something that is thought of to be healthy just, so I can feel good about what I ate for the day until I get my mind totally switched to knowing that whatever I eat will keep my healthy and thin.

I am down to 151 and I am excited to see each day go by and be 1 pound lighter each day until I reach my ideal weight!

I hope my story helps someone else who is struggling to apply the law of attraction to their life and just know that you can do or be whatever or whoever you want!

Much success,

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