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My New Car(s)!

Submitted by: Jessica

Seattle, WA

Finally living the dream in Emerald City.


Before I begin, I just simply want to say thank you to Rhonda and The Secret team!

I was introduced to The Secret around 2010 from one of my closest friends. I was a little hesitant when she explained it to me but my curiosity got the best of me and I ended up buying the book and then the movie. I was still a little skeptical but figured I would try out some of the examples written in the book. And even just testing The Secret I received everything I asked for! I was in total awe!!

So now the big test came after I graduated from the University of Washington in 2012. I had always wanted a new Camaro, a 2012 Camaro to be exact. My parents knew I needed a new car and said they would help. The first dealer we went to we test drove a nice Camaro, and I knew I wanted it but the dealer did not want to budge on the price since it was a base model. So I was super upset and very disappointed. We went back home and on the kitchen counter I saw a Chevrolet catalog, so I grabbed it and flipped through it. And of course I saw all of the Camaros in it. I just knew in my heart that, “something’s gotta give.” I even practiced visualizing being in a new Camaro as I looked through the magazine.

Later that evening our family went to a different town for the night since my parents were in the middle of moving. They decided to just stop at a different dealer and to simply look. And lo and behold, the dealership was having a summer special. They had a Camaro with more features than the one I previously test drove and was even at a better price! And, I am happy to say that we drove it off the lot that night! I could not believe it worked!! All I could say was thank you over and over until I got home.

Now fast forwarding to the present. I had to give up my Camaro a few months ago because it just wasn’t doing the job I needed in Washington’s hard winters. So I wanted a new Silverado that was a 4×4 to help me travel back and forth from Seattle to Eastern WA. Well, last year my parents and I had a huge falling out over some personal issues and we hardly ever speak. The bad part with that is that they put their name on my Camaro when we first originally bought it to help with interest. So when I went to trade it in, even though I had been making the monthly payments for several years, I couldn’t trade it in because it was in their name.

They didn’t even want to sign it over to me or co-sign for a different vehicle once traded in. So I was literally stuck and the winter months were coming fast. But I still kept looking. With all my auto credit going to my parents since the Camaro was under their name, I was considered a first time buyer all over again. I couldn’t get a big enough loan for the dream Silverado I wanted. The bank denials came in one by one. And one night I held one of the many denial letters in my hand and said, “Something’s gotta give.” And I knew in my heart that something would, and I dwelled on that thought.

Long story short, I received an approval letter for the loan! It wasn’t for my dream Silverado but for a nice 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I absolutely love my Jeep! I just new deep inside that something would give and it did. Deep down I still want my dream Silverado and I know for some reason that it is already mine. So I am going to continue practicing The Secret till I am driving my dream Silverado off the lot.

Always keep your faith and never be a stranger to yourself.

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