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  • Date Posted: Jun 17, 2017
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My Free Car Check-Up!


The Netherlands

Working girl, believing in the law of attraction.

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My Free Car Check-Up!

I discovered The Secret 6 months ago. I never heard of the law of attraction, but it made sense right away. From the very first moment I just knew this was it, this works. I am still working to have mostly positive thoughts. I am not there yet, but I am improving and that is a gift in itself, having more positive thoughts. I read and reread The Secret and The Power almost every day.

So my car had to have its first obligatory check-up. This is for cars 4 years and older in my country. Mine is 4. I really love my car,  it’s a beautiful black Volkswagen. Every day I say “Thank you Universe for my beautiful shining black car”. When I got the letter about the check-up, I first got a little nervous about the costs. Then I changed my thoughts and I visualized a bill with a very low amount of money on it.

The night before the check-up I found a Volkswagen newspaper on my doormat. Nothing special, I thought. But at the last page there was a coupon for a free check-up!! End of story: I had to pay only 9 Euro’s for a broken lamp!!

Thank you to the Universe! And thanks to Rhonda and her team for sharing this wonderful Secret with us.

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